**Bumped Up UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who uses our link to shop at Amazon. It’s been such a great success I’m bumping this post up for all newbies. The right hand column widget has also been posted for your convenience in the future 🙂 Thanks!**

Over at Amazon they have a program which awards a percentage of your shopping to the “associate” blog that referred you. So, when you link through to Amazon using the Tammy special link no matter what you buy during that session, they’ll send a percentage of your total purchase (on average about 5-7%) back to the blog. It’s easy and is great way to support us by doing something you were going to do anyway, and without costing you anything extra! Click on the picture below and it will take oyu right to the Amazon home page, and as noted you can always get our Amazon link right over there in the right hand column. Thank you!

And here’s an audio message from Tammy about others ways you can help us keep our independent conservative message going strong!

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  1. Sailing_J says:

    I did it!

  2. persecutor says:

    All my Amazon shopping is done through the link–gotta keep Tammy in beer and skittles, doncha know!

  3. Karan says:

    I did this when I was shopping for Christmas presents. It is easy. And I plan to order from Amazon through Tammy’s website again…

  4. wmdooley says:

    Drag Tammy’s Amazon link to your browser’s bookmarks bar and it will always be handy.

  5. 1ntbtn says:

    Very simple to do, and it supports our Tammy Army. I order all my things through Tammy’s Amazon link.

  6. James Mucciola says:

    Cool, will use the Tammy link for all future Amazon purchases!

  7. Texas Snoopy says:

    I have been using Tammy’s Amazon link since I became a Tammy Army member for all of my Amazon purchases. Just used it again Saturday.

  8. Sailing_J says:

    I use the link all the time when I shop Amazon. Any chance of getting a similar link to an online (reliable) ammo distributor? I’ve found the stores are so hit and miss now and it’s easier to order online.

  9. flint91 says:

    Will this work for audible.com also?

  10. midget says:

    I’ve been using the Amazon link ever since Tammy mentioned it over a year ago. I’ve always hated shopping. I’m the get in get out quick type, so this is GR8 4 me. Now I rarely shop anywhere else. At first I felt guilty when my 35lb dog food boxes arrived, but then I thought I’m keeping UPS jobs going not to mention the packers etc. I’m glad its helping out Tammy, it sure is helping out me.

  11. rosebud2186 says:

    …..just did this weekend! I bought the Duck Dynasty “Sarge” call for my husband…..gonna be callin’ during the season 4 premiere! LOL ; )

  12. jiaconis says:

    Am happy to report that I have used Tammy’s link to Amazon to purchase an item and I will continue to use Tammy site to get to Amazon in the future. Tammy rules and Obama drools!!!

  13. handsofmajic says:

    Immediately after following Tammy’s Amazon link I bookmarked the page to my “taskbar” as well as the taskbar on my wife’s computer. Whenever we are looking at Amazon we always go through Tammy’s Amazon page.

    Occasionally I invite friends on FB to give Tammy a listen and I provide the talkstreamlive.com/program/tammy_bruce/ link.

    Gotta go to Amazon now. I looking for stainless steel water bottles.

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