Reason Today answers that question with their video: Coffeecare: The Affordable Coffee Act. It provides an excellent analogy, especially for young people who can’t imagine that the Unicorn Lightbringer and all his trolls might not know what they’re doing, or if they do, they’re mission to destroy things. Sharing this with any reclacitrant Zombie may have an impact 🙂

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  1. ConservativeSue says:

    “license to do business will be revoked”..exactly what POS is doing to all private businesses if they don’t comply. Hillary helped Walmart destroy the mom & pop stores, now POS will destroy bigbox and smaller franchisors and their franchisees. Something has to be done soon, or there will be the death of the American spirit of individualism.

  2. Teri says:

    Cute clip, great and simple analogy that anyone with common sense would understand. The problem is most obamazombies have no common sense, will not get it, shrug it off and keep waiting for those obama dollars to show up in all their fantasy-minded way, shape and form. I talk with people on a daily basis who see nothing wrong with this man and his administration. Trying to reason with these people seems impossible. Alas, we will keep up the fight !

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