Awww. I can’t wait until he officially wins “Worst Presidency in US History.”

WaPo: Squandering the chance to build a legacy

When historians write the story of Barack Obama’s presidency, 2013 will be his lost year. It opened with great promise and closed with equally great disappointment. In a year that could have been about building his legacy, the president was instead reduced to salvaging the signature accomplishment of his first term.

The chasm between what was expected and what was delivered was evident in the precipitous drop in Obama’s approval ratings throughout 2013, all the way down to George-W.-Bush-second-term territory. Dashed expectations sent Democrats up for reelection in 2014 fleeing for cover and comforted Republicans still smarting from their party’s 2012 defeat.

Second-term presidencies are tricky. The pace of modern politics and the desire of journalists (scourges!) to always look ahead to the next campaign put a reelected incumbent in a race against irrelevancy from the second he is sworn in again. Scandals tend to creep in or escalate — Watergate, Iran-Contra, Monica Lewinsky — and investigations follow, often drifting far afield. Momentum toward any meaningful achievement fades.

Usually, a president has until the midterm elections of his second term to get big things done; after that, attention moves on to deciding who will next occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But Obama may not have the luxury of even that truncated timeline. The split control in Congress — Democrats in charge in the Senate, a Republican majority in the House — combined with the tea party’s continued demand for conservative purity from its elected officials and the politicization of just about everything makes it hard to imagine that 2014 will afford Obama any chance to move his agenda through Congress. And his addition of John Podesta, a vocal advocate of taking executive action to end-run lawmakers, to the White House staff suggests that the president has effectively given up trying to work with the Hill.

All of which makes what happened — or more accurately, what didn’t happen — in 2013 that much more dire for Obama’s chances of leaving a lasting legacy on his party, Washington and politics more broadly…

They can blame Tea Party and GOP all they want, Bottom line? Obama’s a loser because he never ran anything in his life, felt he was above everyone else, has contempt for this country and the system, all of which is exacerbated by his Malignant Narcissism. Obama will never learn a lesson from any of this, but we have to make sure the American people do.

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  1. Shifra says:

    How about: “First Black President To Be Impeached” Award
    “Most Corrupt Administration in History” Award
    “Most Clueless Foreign Policy” Award
    “Most Adept At Community-Organizing Poster Hanging” Award

    The list has endless possibilities…

  2. cestory says:

    Obama doesn’t care! He’s too busy taking selfie’s at funerals and planning his next vacation to Hawaii!!

  3. Right Is Right says:

    “Squandering the chance to build a legacy”??? What typical Washington COM-post rubbish. B-HOle’s legacy is already built. His legacy is the destruction of the constitutional federal republic that the Founding Fathers bequeathed us. Like Pearl Harbor, the Kenyan usurper and traitor will live in infamy.

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