There was much buzzing on Twitter this weekend, when @WhiteHouse failed to mention Pearl Harbor Day.

As reported by Townhall, here was the first @WhiteHouse tweet of Dec. 7:

But, Breitbart reports that Obama did, in fact, acknowledge the 1941 event, on his Facebook page, by….. wait for it…. posting a picture of himself.

Not. kidding.

via Breitbart: Obama Honors Pearl Harbor Dead With Picture of Himself

President Barack Obama’s Facebook page on Saturday posted a message honoring the dead from Pearl Harbor—accompanied by a picture of Obama descending the stairs next to the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

The picture barely fits the name of the Arizona Memorial so it can frame Obama in the foreground.

The post’s statement reads:

Today, with solemn pride and reverence, let us remember those who fought and died at Pearl Harbor, acknowledge everyone who carried their legacy forward, and reaffirm our commitment to upholding the ideals for which they served….

But when @Whitehouse memorialized Nelson Mandela by tweeting a picture of Obama in Mandel’s jail cell, some the responses were hilarious.

Here are two of my favs:

So, too bad @WhiteHouse did not tweet the Obama-at-Pearl-Harbor pic.

We would have had some more good laughs.


Townhall.com: Five Times Obama Made It All About Himself

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Next year is the 70th anniversary of D-Day. How many times do you think that he will say, Operation Overlord. And try to minimize Reagan’s speech.


  2. Kitten says:

    Hey Shifra, I don’t think they know we know. You know; that he looks like a total arse by continuing to do this. But he just can’t help himself because malignant narcissists think it’s all about them, all the time. He has to project his illness and inject himself in every situation everywhere. It truly is hilarious at this point. Good Grief.

  3. midget says:

    I’ve been following @hollyR_J_N for quite some time & she never fails to make me howl w/laughter. She also is quite hated by libs who trash her and she slaps their ears back quite well. Give her a try if U havent already.

  4. Di Grace says:

    Obama is following in the footsteps of all narcissistic dictators with their compulsion to have their faces plastered everywhere. Think Mao Zedong, Hitler, and Lenin who wanted to take the place of God. The closest we’ve come to that in the U.S. is Obama’s mug on an American flag (shudder).

  5. Maynard says:

    President Zelig. President Forrest Gump. President Amazing Plastic Man. He is anyone; he is everyone. President Me.

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