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Yes, it’s that time of year again:

Time to break out the Pepto Bismol, as POTUS makes his grand entrance, to the cheers of politicians on crack mindless Libs Democrats everywhere.

But for me, enough is enough. I will not be watching this time.

Sure, I could engage in a drinking game. That would certainly take the edge off things.

But if the words “I,” “me” and “my” are selected, there may be serious risk of alcohol poisoning.

No, this time I will be engaged in more important pursuits:

With ipod earbuds firmly planted in my ears, I will be listening again to last Wednesday’s Tammy Radio Podcast (You know, the show where Tammy was slightly “under the weather,” and hilarity ensued) while I clean out the lint from the dryer.

And then, on to re-arranging my sock drawer.

Here are other suggested SOTU activities, via Twitter:

Of course, if you do plan on watching, Obama Bingo is always fun: (h/t

sotu bingo-2

You will hear a lot about opportunity, action, and optimism.

And yes, all three are definitely possible — if POTUS immediately resigns.

As Lawrence Kudlow points out in Investor’s Business Daily — Business Group Has Message for Washington: Growth

….Trouble is, President Obama talks about inequality and income redistribution, not growth.

Instead of unleashing entrepreneurship, Obama harps on raising the minimum wage and extending unemployment assistance. Of course, increased investment that doubles the rate of job creation would make minimum-wage and unemployment-benefit discussions unnecessary.

Obama would also penalize corporations that hold profits overseas rather than lower penalties so this money would come home for private investment. In fact, most of the Democratic Party is on a path to punish success, not reward it; to enlarge the reach of government in business, rather than incentivize entrepreneurs.

I call this the Sandinista wing of the Democratic party. It’s named after New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who spent a goodly amount of time in Nicaragua and Cuba and is in full-fledged attack mode to punish successful earners and businesses by raising taxes of “fairness.”

Fairness is not opportunity. But tell that to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who also is arguing for punishments on business and banking.

De Blasio and Warren are spewing the socialist doctrine of equality of results, rather than the capitalist model of equality of opportunity.

They want income leveling and redistribution — the opposite of growth. Unfortunately, Obama appears to have caught the Sandinista disease.

And the Business Roundtable and the American business community will have one heck of a time turning him around. Then again, that’s what elections are for. And that’s why we’ll see big changes come November.

Anyway, if you do tune in to the SOTU, please tweet me — @NYJooo — if Joe Biden catches some zzzzzz’s during the speech.

I could really use a good laugh.


Investor’s Business Daily: 11 Nasty Trends That Will Test America’s Resilience

CBS News: GOP offers early rebuttal to Obama’s State of the Union White House Announces First Round of Guests in First Lady’s Box – State of the Union Address

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  1. kwilder says:

    Shif… Isn’t Tammy doing Mystery Science Theater for the SOTU? Are you going to miss that? I agree strongly with laying off the drinking games though… drinking while sinking further & further into depression (i.e. listening to the Dumb Bastard) is not good for one’s physical or mental health. 😉

  2. strider says:

    He’ll know exactly what to say to prolong the hoax – accelerating national debt in the trillions and billions flowing to friends. That’s redistribution. Trouble these fibbers have is they can convince enough people to get in control but they can’t convince the economy to grow, much less be vibrant. Renewable BS.

  3. Kitten says:

    Liberals are so heartless. They let their emperor prance around booty butt-naked spewing the lies and fantasies he’s cooked up in his head about the utopia he calls OBummer’s Amurca. Yeah, without Tammy’s colorful commentary, I’ll not be watching or listening. “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!”

    I’ll be watching my doggie Gigi run in circles trying to catch her tail. For some reason, she gets a kick outta that.

  4. LucyLadley says:

    Shifra, I wish Tammy’s class on Tuesday night was on a POD cast. We would all benefit from watching that, rather than the SOTU. Hugs to all TAMs!, you are a blessing!!!!

  5. dennisl59 says:

    As for me, since I cannot stand the sound of this so-called human being’s voice, I’ll read the transcript. That will also spare me the ‘reaction shots’ of the elite ruling class sitting there in a stupor, while the rest are being programmed by the Brave New World Propaganda, Mass Hypnosis Machine for the Soma drinking peons, serfs and celebrity worshipping drones.

    Just sayin’

    posted 1/27 300pm Texas[The Last Bastion]Time

  6. Norm says:

    I am hoping an episode of World’s Dumbest is on at that time. Tanya Harding’s and Danny Bonaduchi’s commentary will make much more sense than the messiah (lower case m) blathering on about income inequality…….

  7. I won’t be watching the Ladders of Opportunities speech. Obama’s ladder has no rungs and therefore is just two poles where we all slide to the bottom.

  8. jmm says:

    Im going to be cleaning my yard and picking up dog poop!

  9. MaryVal says:

    I’d rather be hit in the head with a hammer, than listen to the DB drone on pointlessly.

  10. Dave says:

    I’ve got to change my muffler bearings, so DANG, I’ll be missing The Snake of the Union.

    BTW….Justhear Rinse Previous, shortened the time for Repubs to have a candidate, by TWO months,’
    This is clearly to set back the Tea Party’s chances.

    Everything Tammy has been saying about these RINOs is dead on, we know exactly what we’re up against,
    though a good offensive game plan still seems missing.

    Hoping I see Ted Cruz throw a shoe at the DB during the SOTU , and connect.

  11. rosebud2186 says:

    I’m with Shifra…..not watching. Yes, I could do the drinking game, but my personal limit is 2 so would have to clap out early anyway.

  12. SheVee says:

    You will hear a lot about opportunity, action, and optimism.
    And yes, all three are definitely possible — if POTUS immediately resigns.

    GOOD ONE, SHIFRA! Hey, why don’t you fill in for Tammy and give the SOTU the MST2000 treatment? It’s the only way I’d listen to it!

  13. hbmuzik says:

    Fortunately my wife and I will be enjoying a wonderful evening of artful musical theatre rather than the destructive political theatre of POS-OTUS. I’m DVR-ing for any potential sideshows and seeing Hannity and Ty Woods’ dad out in the audience. I think a replay of last year’s SOTU with Tammy’s commentary would be appropriate–all newbies would appreciate it!

  14. KCBob4Tam says:

    For those of you unable to watch here’s a quick preview…

  15. jimmer says:

    We sat down and watched ‘Mr Smith goes to Washington’. I made a big tub of buttered popcorn (w/salt) and root beer floats on the side. Why yes this was an anti Barry and Mooch night in my house.

  16. Shortall says:

    I wonder if SOTU sent Chris Matthews a dreaming,… the kind where he had to change his pants

  17. Maynard says:

    I see the Daily Beast has posted an editorial, “Obama’s Speech Was Missing Shared Goals for America’s Future”.

    One of the best presidential orators in history, Obama was reduced to the lowly ambition of executive orders. What we really need is a set of common aims all Americans can work toward.

    I prefer to burn candles rather than curse the dark. So, I say great. Let this indeed be a year of action. But, it’s going to take more than the president acting on his own, which now appears to be largely the course he has set for 2014…

    It’s a key point, and I appreciate that anyone on the other side recognizes it. A good leader would seek consensus, instead of inflaming division.

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