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Well, “Mamma-san” state was as close as a translation to a nanny state as I could muster quickly.

Being Japanese, I love me my sushi. I taught my kids and friends to love it too. Every New Year’s Day, we love to invite friends over, not just eat sushi, but have fun making sushi. I will spring for the fish and everyone gets to have fun being sushi chef. They get to make whatever they want-classic sushi, cut rolls or hand rolls. It is their opportunity to participate and enjoy the art that sushi. The smell, the textures and the flavor of an original, once in the moment creation of food is to be savored and enjoyed! Leave it to liberals and their unintended consequences to ruin it. California now mandates hand condoms for sushi chefs. Thousands of years of hand washing before preparing sushi is now inadequate to protect the health of their consumers. It is now more important for the state to be involved in my maguro than my trusted sushi chef. Progressives like California Gov. Moonbeam should probably not have purchased the sushi that sits next to the hot dogs that have been revolving around the warmer at the local Seven-Eleven for the last six months.

Via Sushi Chefs Aren’t Feeling California’s New Glove Law

On Sunday, we told you about bartenders who are up in arms about a new California law that makes it illegal for culinary workers to touch uncooked food with their bare hands. Turns out, sushi chefs are ticked off, too.

For sushi chefs, crafting sashimi or a great roll is a lot like creating art. It requires skill and feel. Bare hands are essential.

The new law is not sitting well with chefs like Toshi Sugiura. He’s the owner of sushi Bar Hayama in Los Angeles, where diners devour everything from yellow fin to kozara, a kind of Japanese tapas.

…I’ve been doing 30 years making sushi, and it’s never been using gloves!”

Sugiura says that his sense of touch is lost in loose fitting, disposable gloves. The roll he’s just made probably won’t fall apart, but it won’t live up to the sushi tradition’s exacting standards either. But Sugiura says he’ll reluctantly wear the gloves because he wants to follow the law….

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  1. LJZumpano says:

    I have always wondered if one is supposed to wash the hand condom before using it to touch food. After all, they come in a box or bag are aren’t in a sterile package. I think hand washing is a better, safer option, but then, I don’t eat sushi, so what do I know.

  2. Maynard says:

    I suppose this is a stupid question. But, aside from philosophical issues of nanny state micromanagement, is there hard evidence of a significant real-world problem that is significantly alleviated by switching to gloves? Or is this — like so many firearms regulations — merely harassment based on theory and meddlesome inclinations?

    (I remember watching a fast food employee adjusting the glove on her hand by holding it to her mouth so she could grip the fingertip in her teeth and pull it back slightly.)

  3. Vintageport says:

    Do the California Libs wash and glove before wringing their hands over such nonsense? Meanwhile, some 20 year-old McDonald’s worker is eating ice cream directly from the dispenser and fouling the secret sauce.

  4. Chuck says:

    Just wait a little: this will be in effect until someone figures out that gloves may leach out chemicals that can potentially affect the food quality, and moreover, poison you. Remember, this is the state that passed Proposition 65.

    These people are idiots.

  5. Alain41 says:

    To recap what I understand of Sandra Fluke; She advocated for Ocare because young women need free birth control. Now that Ocare has passed, she wants to become a member of Congress which is exempt from Ocare and she’ll have to pay for her own birth control. Most understandable Democrat logic I’ve heard in a long time.

    More serious note, wouldn’t it be great if Ms. Fluke did run for Congress and lost to a Republican. That would mean that Mass. lost the Kennedy seat because of Ocare and Calif. lost the Waxman seat because of Ocare.

  6. strider says:

    So someone wearing gloves hands you food. Why is that good? Who knows where those gloves have been or what they have been doing? We’ve reached the saturation point for legislation and it is increasingly counter productive if not just plain imbecilic.

  7. Los2000 says:

    Do not underestimate the professionalism of the Sushi Chef. They study years to learn their craft; this law is an insult to the honor of all Sushi Chefs in California. The “Freshness” of the food they present to their customers is a matter of pride and honor. I would suggest to ALL Sushi Chefs in California to leave that Marxist/progressive/socialist/liberal/democrat state, and let those liberals do without; LET THEM EAT plain ol’ rice with no fish!

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  9. Dave says:

    I wonder what the Anal Chef would say about this. Being anal is a psychosexual stage that results in adult orderliness, stinginess, and obstinacy. The State of California has become the Anal Chef and is now clinically insane.

  10. Alain41 says:

    In more Mamma-San Calif. logic; state Senate has passed a bill to require registration of ‘ghost guns’ (home made weapons). Reason: a man who could not buy a gun due to mental health issues, made his own and then murdered 5 people in Santa Monica with it. So, a man who could not legally obtain a weapon, made his own and then killed 5 people. And a law requiring him to register the home made weapon first would have stopped him how? Gun laws are only to take away the right of the lawful.

    • Maynard says:

      Alain41, it’s worse than you think. Laws such as the one you reference DO NOT APPLY to criminals that are legally precluded from owning firearms. They ONLY apply to citizens that can legally own the gun. So such a law ONLY serves to harass and possibly criminalize an innocent party, while being completely irrelevant to actual criminals.

      Does what I just said sound absurd? Check out Haynes v. United States. The Supreme Court ruled that requiring a criminal to register a firearm that he could not legally possess amounts to self-incrimination, and is thus unconstitutional. So you can’t be required to turn yourself in.

      That’s our legislature, making decent people into criminals and giving real criminals a pass.

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