Talk about the Compulsion to Confess! Hillary as a giant monster stepping on all the Little People who happen to be at the mercy of her heel? Yeah, sounds about right. Or then again, we could ask Stevens, Smith, Doherty and Woods about being stepped on and left for dead by Hillary. Or we could check back with Planet Earth to see how it fared under her pantsuits, muumuus and heels while at the State Department. Not very well, last time I checked.

I do have to hand it to Time, they found the one part of Hillary that doesn’t look like my Uncle Jack. Unless he wore pumps. Which he doesn’t. Yes, Regular Hillary and Giant Hillary have so much in common, don’t they?

I have a feeling all of you may have a few things to say about what this cover really means. And gee, I wonder what the Little Man is saying? Also consider this an Open Thread 🙂

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  1. Alain41 says:

    First there was Bride of Frankenstein. Now there’s Bride of Godzilla, BEERZILLA!

    Bleary-eyed, pant-suited, half in the can, Beerzilla has been sighted stumbling around the world. Cover your children’s eyes when Beerzilla does the bump. Cower in terror when Beerzilla calls you at 3am and asks, What difference does it make now.

    Beerzilla in 2016. It always falls down on the job.

    • Alain41 says:

      Any giant statue such as the Sphinx is termed a Colossus. The Colossus of Rhodes though long gone, is the only statue that specifically references Colossus in its name. Bill is the Rhodes scholar. So is cover supposed to represent that Hillary is a much larger Colossus than Bill?

      Colossus is also the name of a vacuum tube computer/calculator used at Bletchley Park to crack German code though not Enigma. Alan Turing used Bombe for that.

      Long, math geek interesting, wikipedia info. on Colossus and the German code machines. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colossus_computer

  2. RedeemtheTime says:

    Hillary’s leg? or maybe model’s leg? manniquin’s leg? …….. blue dress now blue pants?

  3. strider says:

    Did someone say “last call” ?

  4. SheVee says:

    I hope she gets “swiftboated” by family members of Stevens, Doherty, Smith and Woods. The Senate committee report clearly states their deaths were preventable… and that committee is chaired by a Democrat!

    Bottom line: Benghazi is Hillary’s Katrina and she will wear it like an anchor around her neck.

  5. Shifra says:

    Is this a “dog whistle,” aimed at Democrat women? They are so dead-set on having Hillary for POTUS, so maybe this is code for “We women will crush all the boys in ’16.” I can’t imagine that this cover would appeal to men.

    I, too, would love to see a woman POTUS (hello, Liz Cheney?) but since I am no longer in the fifth grade, I no longer subscribe to the “vote-for-Suzy-cuz-she’s-a-girl” school of politics. We need an authentic Conservative to take the WH in ’16. And if she’s a woman, then, great….

  6. Kitten says:

    Politics ain’t for the faint of heart, baby. It’s ugly and messy. But that’s no way to treat Bill. There would be no Hill if it weren’t for old Bill. They should both be rotting under a jail somewhere.

  7. Maynard says:

    What a heel.

  8. Alain41 says:

    Open thread comment: I didn’t pay much attention to the recent story on the 9-yr old girl who had a suicide vest put on her. Wash. Times editorial aimed at John Kerry discusses event. Editorial contains the words of her brother and father who told her to do her ‘duty’. And statements by her; no one taught her anything, she wants to go to school. This is who we were fighting for. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jan/16/a-child-shall-teach-them/

  9. Teri says:

    I would still like to know what I have been asking for years. What in the hell has this woman done ? Period. What has she done ? A failed healthcare proposal. A failed secretary of state. What has she accomplished ? I wish this woman would just go away and leave us alone.

    • Maynard says:

      Bill Clinton is remembered for better days than Bush or Obama. Hillary will run on a sense of nostalgia, with people figuring Bill will oversee the important points. And she’s assumed to be less of an amateur than Obama. And finally…at this point, what other prominent Democrat is in the wings? For that matter, what prominent Republican? Sure, we’ve got some people we like, such as Ted Cruz…but I think the American people yearn for a candidate with a hefty track record and accomplishment. We’re sour on the idea of giving the biggest gig in the world to a green-behind-the-ears pup.

      So is the selection really going to be Hillary vs. Christie, because there’s simply nobody else? Could be. As Tammy has often observed, the best and the brightest rarely end up in Washington.

  10. Vintageport says:

    Hey Time Magazine—What, no elephant in the room this cover?

  11. WalkStar says:

    Well at least her shoes are sensible and have a sole …unlike their wearer!

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