Via Weekly Standard: Sebelius Speechless After Reporter Tells Her How Unpopular Obamacare Is

The Weekly Standard had me at “Sebelius Speechless”

Because that’s how we like the Dems: On mute


Weekly Standard: Valerie Jarrett to Hollywood to Get Obamacare in Movie, TV Scripts

Washington Times: Sen. John Barrasso: White House ‘cooking the books’ on Obamacare

NY Post: Obamacare website goes down on morning of deadline

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  1. Kitten says:

    Hahaha! Were the minions in her ear lulling her to sleep, or did she completely tune out the interviewer after the word OBamaCare? Yeah, Kathy. We’re ALL sick of hearing about what a screw up OpooCare has been.

    I think she was thinking about her cushiony severance package she’s gonna get when she’s finally fired over this train wreck. She is totally not fazed by the embarrassment of it all. Sebelius: “Yeah, yeah…is that all you got? Whatever.”

  2. TigerAim says:

    What a loser she is! It’s almost like, because he is saying things to her she doesn’t want to hear, she’ll just ignore it! After all, who are these people to “challenge” her and to do anything other than sing her (and Obamacare’s) praises?!

  3. ancientwrrior says:

    This old witch doesn’t know that a big rain is coming and will melt her a$$ to a puddle. To which she’ll yell “I’m melting” to Obammy and he’ll pull the same, can’t hear you schtick.

  4. Charles_PA says:

    It’s too bad that broadcasters hate dead air as much as they do. He should have let Sibelius sit there until she felt compelled to either speak or do the “You’re breaking up” schtick from the movies.

  5. pamelarice says:

    Hmm, she looks like her muppet handler missed his cue or just went to lunch.

  6. Norm says:

    This is Sebelius’ version of sticking her index fingers in her ears and crying “La!la!la!…….

  7. strider says:

    The face of a government sanctioned scam. Looks like she’s straining not to flip the bird with both hands.

  8. hbmuzik says:

    She shouldn’t be so hoity-toity re. Oklahoma–she WAS governor of Kansas, after all. Granted, Kansas is “on top” of Oklahoma, but it’s still in fly-over territory.

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