Via HotAir: Video: US Senator finds a Supreme Court review of regulation “stunning,” or something

Someone, please send Patty Murray a copy of “American Government for Dummies.”

And bookmark the part that explains about the three branches of government.

Patty, honey, I’ll talk really s-l-o-w, and maybe you will understand this concept:

There is a judicial branch, and yes, there are nine people on the Supreme Court, and yes, they interpret the laws.

(Just wondering if Patty was stunned after the SC ruled in favor of O’DeathCare.)

And what’s up with you people in Washington State? Your Senator sounds like an idiot.

Oh wait… my Senator is Chuck Schumer.

Never mind…

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  1. idaho_karen says:

    We were so glad to move from WA state: represented in the Senate by the Tennis Shoe Mom and CantVoteWell – both imbeciles.

  2. Kitten says:

    Where’s the big hook to drag her off stage and save her from her own stupidity. Last time I looked, Americans still had the right to work for whatever company they saw saw fit…geesh. Another liberal out there, twisting in the wind. I say, let ’em keep talking.

  3. ancientwrrior says:

    Where oh where did they dig this shining example of idiocy from? Did one of sciences failed models of an intelligent android get loose and end up in the District of Corruption (D.C.) with her/it’s motor mouth unable to be turned off? 🙂

  4. dr4ensic says:

    They could use her talents at mudslide ground zero. It appears she’s good with a shovel.

  5. makeshifty says:

    So much of what I hear from Democrats is career-oriented. They don’t think about small businesses. They think about companies like IBM, GM, Ford, etc. They still have this idea that people are going to be hired by a firm and stay with that one employer for 30 years. In light of that, I could see why Murray is concerned, because gosh, a woman working for that firm might not have her contraceptive device/pills paid for by her employer at some point during her career with that company. As a result, if she becomes pregnant when she doesn’t want to be, perhaps while “sleeping her way to the top,” or, “making that sale,” she may decide to keep her child, and shoot, she may not be able to climb up that ladder. It’s so unjust. That’s what seems to come through when they talk about this issue, but of course they don’t say any of this.

    The goal, as it appears to me, seems to always be equality with men who can be sexually active and not have to worry about sacrificing their career because of it. I get that. What frustrates me, though, is there’s this thing called character. I know Democrats like to minimize or dismiss it, but it matters. I can’t relate to men or women who want to act like anything goes without consequences, and that it’s worth dealing with the scum of the earth just to get that brass ring. Sure, go for the brass ring, but don’t deal with scumbags to get it. It’s not worth it. Women can do what they like. I’m not going to act as their moral judge, but what this amounts to is them challenging and imposing their morals on the people who risked a lot to make the business from which they’re benefiting what it is. In some cases that challenge is going to come at too high a price, and their employer is going to fold. That’s not going to benefit anybody. It’s just stroking some people’s egos.

  6. paul14 says:

    I’m stunned that she is a Senator!

  7. Alain41 says:

    Strolling down history’s memory lane; In 1937, FDR tried to pack the court because SCOTUS ruled against him in his first term. He wanted a law that gave the President authority to appoint an additional SC Justice, up to six appts., for every Justice over 70 yrs and 6 mos. The law was not passed in large part because of Democrat opposition. The Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee that held up the bill was Henry Ashurst, one of the first 2 Senators from Arizona after it became a State. Ashurst said, “No haste, no hurry, no waste, no worry—that is the motto of this committee.”

    Wikip: Henry Fountain Ashurst was born in a covered wagaon in 1874 in Nevada. “…Called “the longest U.S. theatrical engagement on record” by Time, Ashurst’s political career was noted for a self-contradictory voting record, the use of a sesquipedalian vocabulary [uses long words, long-winded], and for a love of public speaking that earned him a reputation as one of the Senate’s greatest orators. Among the sobriquets assigned to him were “the Dean of Inconsistency”, “Five-Syllable Henry”, and the “Silver-Tongued Sunbeam of the Painted Desert”….”

  8. Dave says:

    We now live in a country called Idiocrisy.

  9. Alain41 says:

    Didn’t know this! John Fund column points out that DOJ has stated that the DC Court of Appeals lacks jurisdiction to rule on Obamacare (3 judges are hearing the lawsuit about Ocare law only allows for subsidies through State exchanges). Talk about lawless! The DC Court of Appeals hears the majority of cases challenging laws. It’s pretty much the reason that the Court exists. District of Columbia specific issues don’t provide much work for it.

    “In a sign that the Obama Justice Department fears a defeat, it took the highly unusual step of asserting last week that the D.C. appeals court lacks the jurisdiction to invalidate its interpretation of Obamacare.”

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