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A fire alarm went off at a Minn. school, so all the students were evacuated. One 14 yr. old girl, who was in the pool, couldn’t get to her clothes in her locker so she went outside wet in her swimsuit. There is a school rule against letting students into teachers’ cars, so she shivered for 10 minutes in the cold though other students surrounded her and gave her a sweatshirt for her feet etc. She now has been diagnosed with frostbite in her feet. Zero tolerance school rules have so scared everyone that no one makes common sense decisions anymore.

Via National Review Online: Minnesota School Freezes Live Student

A St. Paul high school left a student standing outside for ten minutes last week, in sub-freezing Minnesota February temperatures, wet and wearing only a swimsuit.

Fourteen-year-old Kayona Hagen-Tietz reports that she now has frostbite. Her sacrifice enabled Como Park High School to conduct an unplanned fire drill without violating a school fraternization rule.

Wednesday morning, as Twin City temperatures ranged from a low of negative 8 degrees to a high of 12 degrees Fahrenheit, the Como Park High freshman, along with a classmate, were in the school’s pool when the fire alarm went off. The classmate’s clothes were poolside; but Hagen-Tietz’s clothes were in her locker and she was blocked from retrieving them by a teacher who rushed her out of the building.

Wearing nothing but a towel and her bathing suit, Hagen-Tietz stood outside with her fellow students as administrators determined what triggered the alarm….

In the meantime, teachers feared to violate openly a school policy that prohibits students from sitting in a faculty member’s car.

Hagen-Tietz fellow students, however, demonstrated a grasp of civilized behavior. Students huddled around her and some frigid classmates, giving her a sweatshirt to put around her feet. A teacher coughed up a jacket.

After Hagen-Tietz had suffered for ten minutes in sub-zero weather, a teacher finally received administrative permission to let her sit inside her car until students were allowed back inside.

Eva Tietz, the shivering student’s mother, told WCCO that a doctor discovered frostbite on Hagen-Tietz’s feet. The freshman will need to take pain medications….

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  1. Dave says:

    Teachers teaching kids how not to think at all. Gee makes all the sense in the world.

  2. Shifra says:

    Just wondering what would have happened if one of the teachers had taken this girl into their car rather than let her stand outside in the freezing weather? Probably would have to get a lawyer and defend themselves against charges of “fraternizing with scantily-clad student” or something equally absurd.

    • ancientwrrior says:

      Would have probably gotten fired for thinking on their own and not behaving like a programmed automaton. Obey without question, insanity prevails.

  3. TX Soldier254 says:

    I can see Como Park High School’s near future from my back porch; Lawsuits, Criminal Complaints, Child Protective Services, and of course Firings.

    “Gooood Day!”

  4. MaryVal says:

    Clueless morons. I have seen any number of patients with frostbitten toes, that progresses to gangrene, and results in amputation of some of the toes, all the toes, or the toes and the front half of the foot. And lucky to stop the gangrene there.

  5. Maynard says:

    Hey, better safe than sorry. What if it had been a real fire and the pool had caught fire?

  6. ancientwrrior says:

    The progressive liberal mindlessness marches on. Nobody can think for themselves or are scared crap-less to do so. Sounds like the incident somewhere in the Islamic world, where some girls were prohibited from going outside without a head covering during a school fire, and were sent back inside to obtain said covering, and died in the fire. Mindless stupidity abounds, and it seems like we are no better than that Islamic world. Nobody can do anything without higher up approval first. We have gone from a tough think for yourself independent society that was first founded, to the scared sheep we are today. God help us, because we cannot seem to do it ourselves. 🙁

  7. naga5 says:

    i’m a rules kind of guy but, as others have written, give me a break. cowards hide behind the rules so they don’t have to take responsibility for thinking. will some adult stand up and take responsibility for keeping the girl from freezing to death? accept but fight the consequence to show the injustice. i recall the civil disobedience the resulted in arrests to highlight injustice and prose like letters from birmingham jail. liberals now just file suits and rely on liberal judges to do their dirty work. heaven help us all.

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