Awkward. I wonder what they’re thinking?


USA Today: White House spokesman Jay Carney resigns

President Obama said Friday that White House press secretary Jay Carney will be stepping down from his job and be replaced by deputy Josh Earnest.

“It’s been an amazing experience,” Carney said after Obama’s announcement. “Just so fulfilling.”

Carney said he will stay on until at least mid-June.

Earnest described his appointment as a “genuine honor,” and said he looks forward to pressing the president’s “important and beneficial” agenda.

In praising his outgoing press secretary, Obama described Carney as one of his best friends and said he would continue to rely on him as an outside adviser.

Obama described Earnest, his incoming spokesman, as “honest and full of integrity” and “a straight shooter.” He said Earnest’s name “describes his demeanor.”

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  1. Kitten says:

    So much fodder on this last day of the week. Tonight’s LIVE show will be sizzling. 🙂 Snap. Crackle. Pop!

    OBummer: “Thanks for the lies, Jay.”
    Carney: “I’d do ALL again. You know I love you.”

    SNL should be worth glance this weekend.

  2. IloiloKano says:

    Thought bubble above Carney: I’m set! I know where all the bodies are buried.
    Thought bubble above Obama: Shit! He knows where some of the bodies are buried!

  3. CZ455 says:

    President: ~ “oh, I’m sorry. So, I put my arm over your shoulder? And, you put your hand there. …Oh, oh-oh, K ..Really? There? … And, you call this “a hug”? Interesting. …Hug. I think this is what Hillary wanted from me yesterday.”

    Jay: ~ “Sir, sir you’re choking me … can’t breathe… Sir?…siiir …”

  4. Shifra says:

    “Jay, if I had a lying S.O.B. for a son, he’d look like you.”

    “Thanks, Boss.”

  5. Squirrel says:

    Obama, “I wish Michele hugged me like this.”

  6. PopArt says:

    There there Mr. Puppet Head. Now you just go with those nice Unicorns over there and they’ll fly you right out to the Shady Meadows Puppet Retirement Village. I’ll have Michelle send you a lovely basket weaving starter kit.

  7. rickh says:

    You were the best damn liar I ever had. Even better than me. I am humbled and honored to have you lie your ass for me all these years. Thank you, Jay.

  8. lct123 says:

    Carney is thinking: “I wish I could quit you.”

  9. Dave says:

    It’s like wet paint, you can’t mess with it without getting some on you.

  10. strider says:

    Either one: “I’ll send you an iPod with my greatest whoppers.”

  11. sandyl says:

    I have no caption, but does anyone else think Obama’s wrist looks a little limp? …..just sayin’

  12. Rob_W says:

    “So you want to leave the family, Jay? Nobody leaves the family, Jay.”

  13. Alain41 says:

    The Thing with Two Heads in the 21st century, scarier and crazier than the original. Rosie Greer and Ray Milland give it two heads up!

  14. Jerthebear says:

    Boss,does this mean my nose will stop growing?

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