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In the spirit of giving credit where credit is due:

The Dems truly are experts…in mud-slinging.

Who could forget Harry Reid’s outrageous claim, said on the floor of the Senate (so that he could not be sued for libel) that Mitt Romney had not paid taxes for the last twelve years.

And Nancy Pelosi, claiming the Republicans do not care about “poor, hungry children.”

And now we have the always-annoying First Lady, Mooch, who says that Republicans want children to be obese.

Via Wall Street Journal: The First Lady’s Calories

One reason American politics is so polarized is the White House tendency to blindslide critics with personal attacks that misrepresent their views. This…school lunch drive-by is a classic of the genre, with first lady Michelle Obama and even the White House cook claiming Republicans are in favor of childhood obesity.

…Mrs. Obama denounced what she called “efforts in Congress to roll back” federal nutrition standards for school cafeterias….The first lady followed up with a New York Times op-ed, “The Campaign for Junk Food,” in which she assailed “a bill to override science.”

Meanwhile, Sam Kass, who used to be an executive chef and now runs Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move program, declared that this anti-science bill would be “absolutely devastating” for child health, adding that “industry interests are definitely at play.” So Republicans aren’t merely wrong, they’re also on the take from the food lobby.

The GOP apparently provoked this carpet bombing by asking for modest flexibility in the nutrition regulations meant to promote more fruits, vegetables and whole grains and reduce meats and starch….their implementation by the first lady and Agriculture Department has become a rolling fiasco….

And by the way, can the first lady at least get her facts right? She asserted that, “As a result of these changes, in many school districts…the number of students participating in the school lunch program has actually increased.” The GAO reports that the National School Lunch Program plunged by 1.2 million students or 3.7% since the new standards were first enforced, the first such decline in 30 years.

Meanwhile, Mooch is desperately trying to “outlaw” white potatoes from the WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) food nutrition (“food stamp”) program, because she thinks poor people eat too many potatoes, and not enough “nutrient-dense” fruits and vegetables.

But this whole food controversy is best summed up by Tammy, in a tweet two weeks ago:


CNS News: Potato Council Debunks First Lady’s ‘Science’ Claims

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  1. Rob_W says:

    “The GAO reports that the National School Lunch Program plunged by 1.2 million students or 3.7% since the new standards were first enforced, the first such decline in 30 years.”

    Perhaps Mooch is doing us a service. Any decline in government dependency is a win for freedom. As Tammy would say, “the law of unintended consequences”.

  2. Alain41 says:

    The First Lady of French Fries seems to want choice when she’s pushing fruits and vegetables as an option to restaurants and fast-food businesses, but when someone says let’s expand choice in the school lunch program she goes ballistic.


  3. Canonbal says:

    Hey FLOTUS,

    Aren’t WHITE potatoes and RED potatoes Racist, Hmmmm?

    What are we gonna do about this horrendous situation???

  4. strider says:

    Can just imagine the stale mealy apples and other delights from institutional cold storage plunked down on children’s lunch plates. What a mess.

  5. Maynard says:

    It would be nice if we could intelligently discuss these questions without demagoguery. Yes, there are real problems facing kids and everybody else; poverty, obesity, drugs, bullying, etc. And yet, every “war” turns out to be expensive (money to cronies!) and intrusive (do what we say!) but unproductive or even counterproductive (the problems just get worse). I guess we need these irrational arguments in order to undertake irrational programs.

    I know it’s unlikely to happen, but I’d like to launch a “war on wars”.

  6. Kitten says:

    Shifra, honestly. I just have to give this the headshake and refrain from saying what I’d really like to say. Who IS this woman that thinks she can tell people what to eat!? She has to be the biggest butthole to live with, or be around. Ya know what, OBummer deserves her.

  7. Dave says:

    I’ll take fried potatoes over grits any day Mooch.

  8. Teri says:

    I’ll bet LeMooch could put a hurting on a plate of white mashed potatoes !

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