Well, actually it did. Change happened. The bad, evil type that destroys peoples lives and the security of the greatest country on Earth. Change happened for the whole world, evidenced by civil wars, the gassing of civilians, the spying on the American people and out allies, chaos at the border, an invigorated al-Qaeda, the rise of new and even more craven terrorist groups, the loss of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Well, I could go on forever about the “change” Barack Obama and his enablers have wrought.

Via Andrew Kaczynski at Buzzfeed.

Click the above hyperlink for video as well.

Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday the “hope and change” promised by President Obama and himself in 2008 never happened. Biden was speaking at the Generation Progress, a segment of the Center for American Progress dedicated to student and youth advocacy.

“Look folks, this is within our power to change,” Biden said to the crowd. “Everybody says because we tried in ‘08 and it didn’t happen, it’s not possible. Wrong. We’ve gone through these periods before.”

Biden later said change was still possible if youth were the force behind it.

“But folks, this is totally within our power. Change. Change for the better is absolutely possible and I believe it’s close to inevitable, if you’re the drivers of it.”

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  1. Shifra says:

    Too bad Biden’s brain and mouth are not fully connected; He probably thought he was talking about lunch.

  2. Dekamica says:

    Good Ole “Bite Me” Biden… It’s kind of sad when people don’t realize just how stupid they are.

  3. Jerthebear says:

    Apparently obama told everyone around him except for joe the dope that hope and change meant socialism.

  4. ancientwrrior says:

    While many people have Wheaties the breakfast of champions, uncle Joe Bite-me has a big bowl of stupid daily, the breakfast of dolts.

  5. Right Is Right says:

    Actually, Slow Joe is doing his broken-clock imitation: he’s right twice a day, and this is one of them. When he says, “Change for the better is absolutely possible and I believe it’s close to inevitable, if you’re the drivers of it”, he’s right, but NOT the way he intends. Change is going to happen by January 20, 2017 at the latest (and sooner than that if God is merciful!), and it’s going to be change back toward Constitutional rule and away from Obamunist dictatorship. Good job, Plugs!

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