good and evil

Much has been said about the Islamic terrorists’ “culture of death.”

As PM Golda Meir famously said:

Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.

Via This Ongoing War: 30-Jul-14: The ordinariness of utter evil

….How do you co-exist with a society that sends you its children for world-class medical attention (or education or anything valuable that their society can never produce) and wants to destroy you, down to the last of you?

How do you compromise with them? How do you reach an understanding?

How do you live beside them?

The “This Ongoing War” blog is posted by Frimet and Arnold Roth, whose daughter Malki, age 15, was killed in the Jerusalem Sbarro restaurant terrorist suicide bombing, August 2001.

(“shahid” in caption means “martyr”)

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  1. Gordon says:

    There is no reasoning with or excepting of such lunacy…There is absolutely no hope for such as she.

  2. Kitten says:

    Culture of death is the most powerful and accurate description for this kind of existence, this kind of evil. The deception is complete and their lives are for naught, for they will never have Jerusalem.

  3. hbmuzik says:

    Even the most vicious animals don’t treat their offspring like this!!!

  4. Trevor says:

    This woman is not an extremist, a militant or an ‘Islamist’.

    She is a Muslim.

    What will it take for the West to believe the evidence of its eyes and ears?

  5. 1ntbtn says:

    I wonder if she really feels this way or she knows she would be killed if she didn’t say these things. It’s hard to understand such hate for another human being.

    • Trevor says:

      I agree that it’s almost impossible to fathom this depravity, but she isn’t as exceptional as we’d like to imagine for our peace of mind. We need to recognise that this is the way a large number of Muslims think and behave. We have mortal enemies in this world: they hate us not for what we do but for what we are, so appeasement is futile – but resistance is not.

  6. pamelarice says:

    There is no reasoning in the face of such depravity, there is only defeating it. And sad to say, it looks like the Israelis are the only ones that are willing to do such as that.

  7. ancientwrrior says:

    There is no reasoning with people like this, they are like rabid animals and like such you can do nothing but put them down. It’s really simple, either you terminate them, or you die. Horrid choice for advanced modern society, either you die or they die. You choose.

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