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Remember Chicken Little, who ran around screaming that the sky was falling after an acorn fell on her head?

Well, it looks like the Global Warming, er, Climate Change, er, Climate Calamity people are trying to channel ol’ Chicken Little:

John Kerry says the threat from Climate Change is just like ISIS!

NYC Mayor de Blasio, addressing the U.N., warns “humanity is facing an existential threat” that is caused by…us… “how we heat our homes, how we transport ourselves, the reckless way in which we live.”

And last week, on MSNB.S. MSNBC, Dr. Reese Halter, a conservation biologist, stated that if we don’t do something soon, the oceans, and the forests, will shut down in twenty years.


Oceans and forests can “shut down” ?

Who knew?

Via Breitbart: MSNBC Guest: Global Warming To Cause The Oceans to Shut Down In Twenty Years

….SCHULTZ: Dr. Halter, what happens over the next 20 years if we as a country do nothing?

HALTER: Good evening Ed and Michael. It is an unimaginable scenario — spending over 36 billion tons of greenhouse gases this past year, if we continue at this rate sometime soon after 2030 we will have spent the entire carbon budget for this century. We will then be in the realm of eclipsing 7 degrees Fahrenheit, and it will be an uninhabitable planet for our children. The oceans will shut down. The forests globally will shut down. Ed, that is a scenario that we are not going near….


James Delingpole: Breitbart — Rape, Murder, Chocolate Shortages: Is There Anything Climate Change Doesn’t Cause?

Tom Harris and Bob Carter: NY Post — Leo vs. science: vanishing evidence for climate change

Matt Ridley – WSJ — Whatever Happened to Global Warming?

Investor’s Business Daily: A World In Chaos, And Kerry’s Talking Climate Change

Craig Bannister: CNS News — Apollo Astronaut: Climate Alarmism Is the ‘Biggest Fraud in the Field of Science’

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  1. Rob_W says:

    This was supposed to have happened 10 years ago. Can’t depend on these people for anything!

  2. strider says:

    This type of chicanery has always existed. Some caveman professors were probably trying to convince others that if they would go catch some food the professors would figure out how to make the stream flow back up hill otherwise it would soon dry up.

  3. Charles_PA says:

    So what if the thermohaline cycle shuts down — it has in the past. It will restart after temperatures in the higher latitudes drop. So what if trees die at higher latitudes — they’ll grow back when it gets warm again after the thermohaline cycle restarts. The professors real purpose was to urge us to consider that if American “entrepreneurs” can “provide solution(s ed.)” in “green energy” all will be well. Translation: “We need more grant money so that we can start spin-off companies to pursue SBIR’s.” Sadly, the way to get to the top of the heap in academia is to be the biggest parasite possible. Cut the cash and you’ll get close to the truth as the parasites move to more lucrative hosts.

  4. Norm says:

    Shifra, my background in the hard sciences makes these idiotic statements from the Church of Global Warming especially aggravating. I wrote this last spring after another one of these crazy “predictions” hit the news.


    • Shifra says:

      Norm: “Church of Global Warming” — *Now* I understand Kerry’s statement that the Bible commands us to protect Muslim countries from global warming 🙂

      Your post: good stuff!

  5. larrygeary says:

    Back in the good old days when dinosaurs roamed the earth in their enormous SUVs, carbon dioxide was at 7000 – 8000 ppm, roughly 20 times today’s level. The earth didn’t turn into Venus. Life didn’t end – in fact the earth was lush and green with forests of 400 foot tall ferns spanning continents. This fear over what is essentially plant food is insane.

    The climate scientists don’t know enough about the climate to make any predictions. All their models have over-predicted the temperature rise by at least a factor of 2, and most by much more than that. They failed to predict, and they cannot explain, the lack of warming since 1998 or so while carbon dioxide has increased by 7%.

    They have also been caught out manipulating past temperature data to manufacture warming where none actually exists. Even if the data had not been manipulated, I strongly doubt that temperatures read by a lighthouse keeper or a sailor on a mercury thermometer 100 years ago were recorded with sufficient accuracy to talk about temperature changes with 0.01 degree precision over a century or more.

    EVEN IF ALL the temperature increase is due to humans, it is not catastrophic, and it is only a temporary phenomenon. The biggest emitters will eventually transition to cleaner and more efficient forms of energy, like nuclear. This will take place over the next century, and the “problem” will go away by itself without the need to turn our economies inside out.

  6. ReardenSteel says:

    I agree. How many of you remember the “Coming Ice Age” articles in “Time”, “Newsweek”, and the new at the time “Discover” magazines? That was the early 70s. The science on all of this has been exposed as garbage. The “hockey stick” to Algore’s claim of no snow on Kilimanjaro. This has ALWAYS been about creating a global governmental entity that will rule over every aspect of our lives. An engineered society where there is no freedom, but the planet is saved.

  7. Kitten says:

    Hahahaha! Shifra, I got some questions for ya: Who knew that carbon had a budget? Did someone tell Obama? I don’t remember reading in the bible where G-d shut down the oceans and forest. Did he get that from the Noah movie? Most importantly, who knew Ed still had a show??? Liberals are hysterically funny, and desperate to change the subject.

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