You think Psycho was scary?

Watch this:

Via CNS News: Scary! Gov’t Grants for Pumpkin Donuts, Zombie Play


And, if you have not yet seen Sen. Tom Coburn’s annual list of government waste, prepare to scream:

• Swedish massages for rabbits: $387,000
• Teaching Mountain Lions to Ride a Treadmill: $856,000
• Studying how many times “hangry” people stab a voodoo doll: $331,000
• Studying the gambling habits of monkeys: $171,000
• Producing the children’s musical: Zombie in Love: $10,000
• Funding a “Stoner Symphony”: $15,000
• Subsidizing Alpaca Poop: $50,000
• Synchronized Swimming for Sea Monkeys: $307,524
• Produce a “Hallucinatory” Roosevelt/Elvis show: $10,000
• Funding Climate Change Alarmist Video Game: $5.2 million
• Teaching Kids to Laugh: $47,000
• Developing a real-life Iron Man Suit: $80 million
• Tweeting at Terrorists: $3 million
• Predicting the End of Humanity: $30,000
• Funding Kids Dressing Like Fruits and Vegetables: $5 million
• Help Parents Counter Kids’ Refusals to Eat Fruits and Veggies: $804,254
• Lost electronic devices from NASA: $1.1 million
• Studying if Wikipedia is Sexist: $202,000
• Asking heavy drinkers not to drink through text message: $194,090
• Government Funded Ice Cream: $1.2 million

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  1. Alain41 says:

    It’s only a movie. It’s only a movie. It’s only … What! It’s not a movie? Well, &%^^&%^&%^&. I’m going to go get a Dunkin Halloween Donut then.

  2. Kitten says:

    Oh, the horror of it all! How can we TAMs get a grant to study the lunacy of the left and its horrid effect on our Republic? Where do I stand in line for that grant? Yuck it up liberals, your days are numbered.

    Apparently flushing money down the commode is what they do while people go hungry in America.

    As an aside: Does anyone know what government funded ice cream is, and are they looking for a test group?

  3. Dave says:

    The problem is these people never had to work a day in their life.

  4. Charles_PA says:

    Great picture. The look on Janet Leigh’s face exactly mirrors millions of Americans when Barack Bates pulls the curtain back on new executive orders.

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