Joe and NancyActually, this isn’t a funny story, but it will have to do.

Last July, some pundit put it this way: “The only way Putin is in any danger from Obama, is if Putin is blocking the door to a fundraiser Obama’s late to get to.” With the nation and the world melting down, it does seem that fundraising has edged out golf as Washington’s top priority.

This week, our leaders swooped down on California like vultures on a corpse, for the purpose of collecting checks from media bigwigs. Obama is dropping in on a $40,000-per-couple gig, hosted by Jeffrey Katzenberg. Elsewhere, the (relative) cheapskates can hobnob with Biden and Pelosi at the home of the CEO of 20th Century Fox.

It’s the latter event I speak of, because I’ve got a few words from the scene. This anecdote isn’t really important in any real sense, nor is it particularly scandalous; nevertheless I think it’s worth mentioning because it expresses the Zeitgeist of our moment.

Tickets are $2,500 per person for what organizers are billing as the “When Women Succeed America Succeeds Cocktail Reception.” It will include a performance by Carole King and benefit the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the official campaign arm of the Democrats in the House…

The 20th Century Fox CEO has a ritzy spread on the west side. I’m told that this Biden/Pelosi affair is bringing in half a million dollars. It’s dominating the immediate area for the day.

As you’d expect, the Secret Service is on the scene first and with a heavy presence, setting up observers on nearby property. This is where the funny part comes in. You see, in this neighborhood of estates, the mansions are constantly growing. You’re never far from construction. So when the Fed team moved into the area, the adjacent construction workers took one look and dropped their tools and took off in a cloud of dust. The agents went chasing after them, shouting apologies and waving voter registration cards, leaving Biden and Pelosi alone.

Okay, I made that last line up. But the rest is true.

So the super-rich media elite and the political elite gather and gobble Beluga while fantasizing about how their political opposition eats babies; meanwhile illegal aliens build winged chariots and are paid by money seized from the embattled middle class. Another day in paradise.

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  1. Shifra says:

    Maynard, why would anyone want to meet Biden or Pelosi? I would spend money to *not* ever come in contact with them….

    And today, POTUS is in Manhattan. And he’s not here for an H&H bagel (best in the world IMHO). Yep, a fundraiser….

    Funny, (Or maybe not so funny) how he always manages to tie up traffic during rush-hour.

    • MaryVal says:

      He does it on purpose, that traffic thing.

    • Maynard says:

      Oh, my, I realize that bit about Obama being here was from the last election! I was wondering how he could be in two places at once! It was only Biden and Pelosi who were here today!

      I would correct my error, but I see it’s “truthy”, even while getting the facts wrong. Other than that, the story was accurate. As the saying goes, Homer nods.

  2. Alain41 says:

    Funny or Die was founded in 2007. Comedy becomes tragedy and is a farce. The official eternal campaign of Obama’s Democrats.

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