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Finally, this life-long Democrat sees the light.

But why did it take him six years?

Oh yeah, because he lost his job and now he can’t afford the Obamacare premium.

Via Wall Street Journal: Burke Beu — This Democrat Is Giving Up on ObamaCare

I grew up in a Democratic family. I have been a registered Democrat since age 18, a Democratic candidate for statewide office in Colorado and a party precinct captain in that caucus state. I’ve volunteered for numerous Democratic candidates and contributed to party causes and campaigns….

I voted for Barack Obama in 2008, then lost my job in the Great Recession. I was lucky; my brother lost his job and his house. I survived on part-time jobs while paying out-of-pocket for my health insurance.

I voted for President Obama again in 2012, then received a cancellation notice for my health insurance. This was due to ObamaCare, the so-called Affordable Care Act. However, I couldn’t afford anything else….

ObamaCare is a failure. For anyone who thinks this is a misprint because no Democratic activist would make such a comment, let me add that it is too big, too complicated and too expensive. Without a public option within its network of exchanges, ObamaCare is a giant blank check to the insurance companies that pushed it through Congress. It punishes responsible consumers like me and treats younger individuals as fools who are expected to pay the bills while not paying attention….

ObamaCare is an outrageous combination of private-market inflation, government bureaucracy, excessive mandates and a ridiculously delayed implementation schedule. When the thing finally kicked in, it hit hard—and there is plenty more pain on the way….

We Democrats need to get over ourselves, start anew on a national health-care policy, and return to our progressive principles. We claim to be the party of the underdogs, but on ObamaCare we simply catered to a different set of fat cats….

When the next Congress convenes in 2015, Democrats need to work with the new Republican majority, repeal ObamaCare, override a presidential veto if necessary, and start from scratch on health-care reform.

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  1. Kitten says:

    Cry me a river, you liberal hack. Ooo, I lost my job, it’s too expensive, it’s too big, boo-hoo-hoo. Sorry, I don’t feel sorry for this one. Look at who he blames, the insurance companies. Remember when the insurance companies pushed the bill through? Me neither. Yeah, once a liberal, there’s not much hope for you to change your ways, even when you’re crushed under the mess you helped create. He finishes by saying how “we need to return to our progressive principles.” Once again, the irony of the stupid is lost on this one.

  2. Vintageport says:

    Right you are, Kitten…and his answer is to start over and create the “public option.” He couldn’t even bring himself to say it…nationalized (read “socialized”) health care. So the government that’s too large to run ObamaCare efficiently won’t be too large to manage nationalized health care? Ahhh, the Lib Logic is at our doorstep again. We tried to warn you people before, we’ll continue to sound the alarm as long as it takes.

  3. strider says:

    Insurance for “health-care” doesn’t work too well. A risk pool for unexpected health problems and accidents can be reasonable. Health-care is fixed cost maintenance and the premium can’t be less than the full cost of office visits and routine preventative measures. Combining unexpected and maintenance under a government bureaucracy gets you a crazy high premium and poor service for both. Had to be a con.

  4. Cathode Rays says:

    >>”I grew up in a Democratic family. I have been a registered Democrat since age 18…”
    A political party should not be substituted for religion, but this seems common. Your man-god’s failure was predictable, but you haven’t given up on Unicorn-poo. ARRGH!!!

    There is so much sad and pathetic and destructive here that I’m going to restrain myself from commenting further.

    Listening to libs argue points, I really can’t tell if they believe it or they’re trying to put something over on me. Then I noticed I didn’t have the contempt for non-libs who argue from their experience and logic. If we agree on *everything* then there is something wrong.

    For instance, I was surprised that Tammy didn’t like The Outer Limits (1962), but I didn’t think that rose to cancelling of subscription. 😉

  5. Gordon says:

    Two old sayings come to me about this guy and the others that were foolish enough as not to see Urkel for what he is: 1) “What goes around, comes around.” and 2) “Be careful for what you wish for, you might get it.”

  6. Alain41 says:

    Can’t determine how much is thoughtful analysis and how much is buzz words that he’s heard. He mentions private market inflation. Markets can create bubbles but anytime the government is involved, any bubble is at least supported and likely caused by the government.

  7. Dave says:

    These people have ears but don’t hear, they have eyes but don’t see, they have mouths but say nothing. In short, they are manufactured and not free thinking human beings rather automatons or their own idols.

  8. Maynard says:

    I’m flashing back to that classic Andy Griffith picture, “A Face in the Crowd”.

    Lonesome Rhodes: “Those morons out there? Shucks, I could take chicken fertilizer and sell it to them as caviar. I could make them eat dog food and think it was steak. Sure, I got ’em like this… You know what the public’s like? A cage of Guinea Pigs. Good Night you stupid idiots. Good Night, you miserable slobs. They’re a lot of trained seals. I toss them a dead fish and they’ll flap their flippers.”

    Jonathan Gruber: “They proposed it and that passed, because the American people are too stupid to understand the difference.”

  9. NeverSurrender says:

    To paraphrase Martin Niemöller’s famous quote,

    First they came for the tea partiers, and I did not speak out because I am a dumb-ass Democrat.

    Then they came for the First Amendment, and I did not speak out because I am a dumb-ass Democrat.

    Then they came for the guns, and I did not speak out because I am a dumb-ass Democrat.

    Then they came for my healthcare, and I did not speak out because I believed the dumb-ass Democrats.

  10. Maynard says:

    Wow, I just saw this post on MoveOn.org. It’s from a year ago (that is, pre-Gruber), and it accuses the Republicans of regarding the American people as stupid with respect to Obamacare. Another weird signpost in our world of lies and psychological projection.

  11. Maynard says:

    And here we have an old video clip of Obama saying “I have stolen ideas from Jon Gruber liberally”.

    You have already drawn some of the brightest minds from academia and policy circles, many of them I have stolen ideas from liberally, people ranging from Robert Gordon to Austan Goolsbee; Jon Gruber; my dear friend, Jim Wallis here, who can inform what are sometimes dry policy debates with a prophetic voice.

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