Mia Love, 4th Congressional District Republican candidate, is congratulated by her father, Maxime Bourdeau, as she declares victory on election night in Salt Lake City, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014. (Ravell Call, Deseret News)

What a beautiful picture. It sums up this entire evening for all of us!

Yes, we did it. It was the Night of the Crushing. A victory not just for Republicans but for the country and all those around the world who rely on genuine American leadership. The party is over the Democrats and Obama’s desire to continue to inflict damage upon this country now at least can be slowed or even stopped. If the GOP does its job. That’s where we come in. So the work has just begun.

More on what we’ll need to do. Here is coverage and analysis of the crushing. Congratulations to all of you, for staying focused and never giving up. This is the beginning of the future.


Look at the pretty map:

Deseret News: Love beats Owens in 4th District congressional race

Republican Mia Love won the 4th District congressional race, beating Democrat Doug Owens in the state’s most-watched matchup this election year.

Love entered the Salt Lake Hilton hotel ballroom where Republicans gathered for a victory celebration shortly before 11:30 p.m. Tuesday to cheers and chants of “Mia, Mia, Mia” when it was finally clear she had pulled off a victory.

Hurt: America faces most dangerous two years in 150 years

If President Obama suffered a “shellacking” in the 2010 elections, then what he endured Tuesday night was nothing short of a vicious gangland beatdown the likes of which have rarely been seen before in the history of electoral politics.

This, of course, is a wonderful and well-deserved outcome. But beware: America now enters the two most dangerous years of her existence — or certainly the most dangerous since the Great Depression and possibly going all the way back to the Civil War…

Fox: Republicans keep House majority, projected to gain 12 seats (EXPANDING MAJORITY BEYOND POST-WWII RECORD)

Republicans have kept control of the House and are expected to win at least 12 additional seats to expand their majority beyond their post-World War II record of 246 seats set in the 1946 election, Fox News projected Tuesday night.

Out of all 435 House seats up for grabs, only about a dozen were considered close…

TWS: Elise Stefanik, Lee Zeldin, and John Katko Take Over Democratic House Seats in New York

Politico: Chuck Todd: Dems may overthrow Reid

NYT: President Obama Left Fighting for His Own Relevance

WashExaminer: Liberal analyst on MSNBC: ‘The Obama era is over’

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  1. Maynard says:

    Interesting. Now comes the hard part. I’ll skip over the gloating and look for signs that something practical and useful might get done.

    I appreciate Peggy Noonan’s blog post, linked by Drudge: “How to Lose, and Win, Graciously”. It gives some historical context of how Clinton and Bush behaved when they lost the Senate and House in the midterms (as good examples), and expresses some hope that Obama will show similar savvy and grace. Will Obama get the message, or will he use the loss as an excuse to exercise even more unilateral (and illegal) power? I fear the worst, because the last thing the nation needs is to be further divided by angry politicians. Likewise, I hope that if Obama shows some sign that he got the message and is willing to work with the Republicans, that the Republicans will respond in a practical manner. I regard Obama as dangerous and despicable, but we’ve got to get through the next two years without another civil war. Or at least if a civil war has got to come, let it not be because we started it.

    • pamelarice says:

      Good blogpost by Ms. Noonan. Unfortunately, we will never see this from Obama. You are right, Maynard – Obama *is* dangerous and I fear he is getting ready to burn us down.

    • naga5 says:

      Maynard, I sadly pick b) an excuse to exercise even more unilateral power. I don’t see him waking up this morning and saying, “I have learned my lesson and resolve to be a America loving patriot.” Because he is so insulated in his pathology, I, too, fear the worst. And so this is where the hard work begins, holding the newly elected’s feet to the fire.

    • Maynard says:

      Drudge tweet:

      The reality is, Obama is going to do whatever he wants anyway. He will not be stopped, and I doubt very highly Republicans will arrest him.

      Yes, this is the sort of constitutional crisis I worry about; that Obama’s criminality will become so blatant and in-your-face that it will be necessary to impeach him. Again, he deserves impeachment and he deserves jail, but for the sake of the nation, I think we can’t pursue those goals unless he really leaves us no choice.

    • Los2000 says:

      We would all be better served right now if the republicans took advice from Sun Tzu rather than Peggy Noonan.

    • Maynard says:

      I listened to Tammy’s day-after podcast, and she says Noonan’s position is far too gentle, and represents a losing stance of people that get taken advantage of by the below-the-belt tactics of the Left. Maybe so. It’s a personal problem of mine, that I can be busily over-thinking a problem when action is required. I appreciate those that are ready to fly into action; without them we would never survive. But, rightly or wrongly, I applaud Noonan for keeping us grounded in history and context.

      Wars are a combination of tactics and strategy. Tactics are what you do when you know what to do. Strategy is what you do when you don’t know what to do. These are different skills, and we need them both.

  2. pamelarice says:

    Beautiful picture – brings tears to my eyes. Yes, we have just begun and we have much to do – but this feels so good. It’s ok to take a breath, and dare I say: “revel”? It’s going to be a tough two years and we will need this feeling and these victories as a reminder to sustain us and as a reminder as to what we can do.

  3. Alain41 says:

    Hip Hip Hooray!

    Tonight, the night after election night, is the Country Music Assn. Awards (CMAs). I doubt Taylor Swift will perform her, Shake It Off, but we can. Shake Shake. Thanks Iowa. http://www.cmaworld.com/cma-awards/

    To grate for a minute on the liberal try of, let’s do away with the mid-term elections. If there were no federal mid-term election, I doubt that GOP would have won all the Governor’s races in, Kansas, Fla., WI, IL, MA, MD, Maine, Ohio, with a result of media claiming a win for continuation of Obama policies when Americans felt exactly the same as we do today. Mid-term election prevents entrenchment of one party policies throughout the whole body politic.

  4. Kitten says:

    What a difference a day makes. Now, as Tammy says, the work begins. She will be happy to note, a girl put us over the top. 🙂 #GoIowa

  5. dennisl59 says:

    Texas: Greg Abbott crushes Wendy Davis by 20 points, so all the money and time the other party spent here was flushed down the crapper, her political career is OVER. Plus her Texas Senate seat went to a Tea Party candidate~!

    posted 11/5 806am Texas[Deep Red in the Heart of Texas]Time

  6. FrankRemley says:

    You know it was a bad night for Democrats when the governorships of Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland went to the GOP.

  7. strider says:

    Hard to watch the MSM tv going from ‘it’s getting better all the time’ to ‘it’s time to get “things” done’.

  8. Canonbal says:

    Yehaa!!! Congrats to Joni and Mia!!!

    And just what did the people of Connecticut do? Why we (they) voted for 4 more years of tax-and-spend. Got to get the sam-hell out of this moronic hole. I’m living in a dumocratic hell-hole!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Maynard says:

    I suppose Harry Reid’s exercise of “the nuclear option” will now become a prime tool by which the Senate blocks Obama’s nuttiness. The weird thing is that, even when Reid made that move, the potential for it to be shortly used against him was obvious. It seemed a destructive thing to do both as a point of strategy and in pursuit of good governance.

    • Los2000 says:

      Given the republican’s penchant for shooting themselves in the foot, how much do you want to bet that one of the first things that McConnell does is to reverse that nuclear option rule.

      • Maynard says:

        Actually, I think reversing that rule should be on the table, and they should do it down the road IF the Democrats tone down the vitriol and start to seriously work with their political opposition instead of just raping them. Why? Because it was a dirty move on Reid’s part, and adds to dysfunction. It’s like that ring of power in Lord of the Rings, the accumulation of power that can’t be controlled. Or, if you prefer, Lord Acton’s “power corrupts” observation. Yes, the Democrats suck, and they cheat, and they made this mess; you can reasonably insist that they deserve to get their collective asses kicked, and I absolutely agree…for the time being. But in the long term, IF it’s possible to claw back towards a functional government that focuses on the nation and not on their own little power base, then SOMEONE needs to be an adult and lead the way. So for the sake of the nation, McConnell should keep his options open on this point and not burn any bridges, that’s all I’m saying.

  10. ancientwrrior says:

    We have won this battle but not the war. This war has been fought since the beginning of time, a battle of good versus evil, light versus darkness. We can lose this war, but never totally win it by winning each and every fight. This battle will go on till the end of time, it is the battle within each of us, good versus evil. May we never surrender.

  11. Chuck says:

    Just found this graphic, based on the infamous line from “Apocalypse Now.” It summarizes my sentiment, :-).

  12. Dave says:

    Thank God for answering our prayers. Warning! Look out for the Prezy of the United Stezy. We are really going to see what a psychopath is capable of.

  13. Alain41 says:


    WaPo blog post on how Obama and Boehner almost had a grand deal twice, but Reid blew it up both times. Hmmm. Extreme dislike for Reid and sounds believeable, but I’m more inclined to think that this is scapegoating by Obama zombies, –> It’s Reid’s Fault.

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