Yes, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) now “regrets” passing Obamacare in ’09.

He does not regret that millions of people lost their health insurance.

He does not regret the massive fraud that was perpetrated on the American people.

No, he says he regrets the “timing.”

Memo to Chucky Schumer: You regret that you may lose your job in ’16.

Via CNS News: Schumer Says Obamacare Hurt Dems: ‘85% of All Americans Were Fine With Their Health Care’

Schumer said the health care law, popularly known as Obamacare, is “very important” but the timing was wrong, and was not at the “top of the agenda” of the American people.

“We were in the middle of recession. … People were hurting and said ‘What about me? I’m losing my job,’” said Schumer, who spoke as the Democratic Policy Chairman on why his Party was defeated in the 2014 mid-term elections by Republicans.

“Like I said, about 85 percent of all Americans were fine with their health care in 2009, mainly because it was paid for by either the government or their employer – private sector,” said Schumer. “And so the average middle-class voter, they weren’t opposed to doing health care when it started out but it wasn’t at the top of the agenda.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Schumer also said. “I think it’s a good bill [Obamacare] and I’m proud to have voted for it.”

“But, it should have come later,” said the senator….


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  1. LJZumpano says:


  2. Alain41 says:

    Just like Hirohito in September 1945, regretting the timing of Pearl Harbor.

  3. strider says:

    Must have been hard to get those big shoes on backwards.

  4. RedeemtheTime says:

    Yes — seems that democrats always put party before country

  5. ConservativeSue says:

    Is Schumer really admitting he was duped by Obama via the Gruber revelations? Only time will tell. 😉

  6. Maynard says:

    This is where you shout back at the TV: “NO SH*T, SHERLOCK!”

    On the flip side, I remember when Obamacare passed, and the Democrats in Congress held an orgy of applause that required a mop squad to clean up. And RNC chairman Michael Steele’s first words were, “They are applauding themselves out of office.” Which was of course correct, but it also troubled me. A terrible blow had been struck against the Republic and the American people, and Steele’s reaction was to observe how this would work in his political favor. So many of the Washington people are just detached from the real lives of the real people.

  7. Kitten says:

    Shorter Schumer: “I suck. It happens.”

  8. jmm says:

    Schumer covering his ass! What does he thing we are STUPID? HE pushed Ocare and now running from it because he is circling the wagons for Hillary and his re election in 2016.

  9. Dave says:

    Time for shmucky Schumer to go home and get off our backs. I don’t think even Israel would want him.

  10. idaho_karen says:

    Schumer is reading the ‘tea leaves’. Some 28 + of his compatriots that passed Obamacare in the Senate are no longer there. Fears for his job.

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