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Why in the world would the Obama Regime want to replace anyone?

Didn’t Susan (“Youtube”) Rice, Jen (“Russians targeting me because of my outfits”) Psaki, Marie (“Um, can I get back to you on that?”) Harf, and the rest of ‘em, all do *fab* work?

And, as the IBD notes, how about changing failed policies instead of staff?

Via Investor’s Business Daily: Replacing Obama Team Wouldn’t Replace Failed Ideas

….With a new crisis or fiasco or scandal appearing seemingly every other week, from the Islamic State to Ebola, the New York Times on Wednesday said it all raises “inevitable questions about the ability of the president” and his subordinates “to manage and somehow get ahead of the daily onslaught of events.”

….Everyone who works in the White House, from the chief of staff to the janitors, is required to be fingerprinted by the Secret Service, and it’s hard not to believe that a quick dusting would find that the president’s closest-of-close advisers, Valerie Jarrett, has her prints all over this New York Times story….

Today, a clean sweep of staff or cabinet would just mean more Obama sycophants, because no one is going to climb on board the Titanic except those who believe it isn’t really sinking…

There is no word yet on any definite staff changes, but there is a rumor that Obama has been interviewing potential staffers on the golf course:

three stooges

TAMS/Patriots: Tomorrow is Election Day. Let’s all vote GOP, even if they are not as conservative as we would want them to be.

Let’s make the shellacking of Obama and the Dems a really big one!


John Podhoretz: NY Post — Why the GOP needs a stampede in the midterms

Jeffrey H. Anderson: Weekly Standard — NYT: The Election Can’t Be About Obamacare

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  1. Alain41 says:

    In Sunday’s NY Post, Michael Goodwin wrote that as a Democrat who votes Independent, he was voting straight Republican this election and he urged all to do the same. Vote straight Republican he wrote, not because all Republicans deserve to win but because all Democrats deserve to lose.

    Regarding changing policies; if the public is stupid and the Republicans are evil, there really is no where to go to change your policies.

    Goodwin also wrote that the impetus for the creepy NY Democrat letter that says they’ll know if you voted or not, was from Andrew Cuomo machine because Cuomo wants a big vote to propel him for 2016.

  2. Kitten says:

    Time for a new batch of OJerk’s buddies to feed off the gravy train. Only 2 years left, get in while the gettin’s good.

  3. linmari says:

    One of these is not like the others!!!

  4. PopArt says:

    Sure this makes sense. Because the all-knowing Democrats understand that it’s “all about the messaging, Stupid Americans.” It’s got to be about “messaging” because THAT can be solved by just shuffling the deck of the same White House staff cards the correct way to get the result the want. Because surely finding the right “messengers” in their midst will get the public back in line with their PC thinking. Because if not, they know that the only solution is for all of them to get tossed on to the stinking trash heap of history.

  5. Shifra says:

    I have been told by Rob W in chat that this picture is very disrespectful… to the Three Stooges. My apologies 🙂

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