Here’s her segment from today, hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Dekamica says:

    Thanks, Tammy. For those of us who still have DISH and do not have access to FoxNEWS it was great to at least get to see you looking calm, rational and informative. Alan? Not so much.

    The interview was very good, covering a lot of different topics, and actually ended with you and Alan agreeing on something…the Russians. (shock) But I think my hearing may have gone out about halfway through the interview because I could swear that I heard you refer to Alan as “my dear”. (double shock) 🙂 Good interview…enjoyable to watch.

  2. Shifra says:

    Looks like Tammy’s classiness is rubbing off on Colmes: His shirt and tie actually coordinate 🙂

    I do think he seems like a nice guy, but I guess overdosing on Kool-Aid does affect one’s cognitive abilities.

  3. Kitten says:

    I LOVED it when Tammy (ever so politely) “spanked” Alan on-air for interrupting her. Thank you! Tammy always makes me smile with her subtle digs at liberals when laying out the truth of a matter. She looks great doing it, and quite comfortable in these segments on FOX.

  4. WalkStar says:

    Colmes interrupted Tammy to “correct” her to Democratic Party, when she was of course right in saying Democrat party. He is a buffoon and while he seems to have gotten a tad less belligerent with his wack-o lib bullsh, he has no manners and still makes my skin crawl.

  5. idaho_karen says:

    I don’t know how you do it Tammy. I want to slap Alan around within a minute of his ‘opinionating’.. 🙂

  6. NancyK says:

    Tammy– how long before you get your own show on FNC?? Soon, I hope!!

  7. Kimj7157 says:

    Loving the longer, more relaxed, yet jam packed with info, segments. 🙂

  8. Marni says:

    Great segment, Tammy, but the slithery Colmes is just unwatchable. Correcting Tammy’s “Democrat party” to “democratic”? Does he not know the difference between a noun (Democrat) and an adjective (democratic)? A mistake heard all too often. Tammy looked and sounded wonderful, as usual. Smart, articulate and to the point. Please, Fox, put up a damn curtain so I don’t have to watch the idiot tourists waving.

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