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This comes from an interview with Retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer on the O’Reilly Factor. I’m inclined to believe it but want to emphasize this is one person’s account. At the same time, if the report had gone Obama’s way and exonerated Bergdahl, I think we would have heard about it ages ago. The fact that this is being held back would indicate a finding not to the Obama regime’s finding, i.e. that we gave away at least 5 Taliban generals in exchange for a deserter. I do believe there was much more given up. Recall the ‘accidental’ naming of our CIA station chief in Afghanistan. That exposure effectively killed our CIA operations in that pit, which is something the Islamist gangs had been demanding.

Bottom line, might be true, but take this with a grain of salt. If it is true, watch for the legacy media to work overtime to spin it or ignore it altogether.

Via Fox News.

The Army has decided to charge Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was released by Taliban-aligned militants last year in exchange for five Guantanamo prisoners, with desertion, according to a former military intelligence officer.

Retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, who now works at the London Center for Policy Research, told Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” Monday night that he’s learned of the military’s decision from two sources.

“The Army has come to its conclusion, and Bowe Bergdahl … will be charged with desertion,” he said.

Asked for comment on the claim, Army officials denied that any decision had been made. Spokesman Paul Boyce told Fox News on Tuesday that there is “no change” and that it is an “ongoing review at this time.”

Eugene Fidell, Bergdahl’s lawyer, did not comment when reached by Fox News.

But Shaffer said Bergdahl’s attorney has been given a “charge sheet” outlining the section of the military justice code Bergdahl allegedly violated.

“As a corporate entity, the Army has decided that they want to pursue Bergdahl for this violation,” Shaffer said.

Shaffer said there’s a “huge battle” going on inside the Obama administration, as some try to “suppress” this development. “This is shaping up to be a titanic struggle behind the scenes,” he said.

Shaffer said the Army “wants to do the right thing,” but the White House “wants this to go away.”

Never forget those who died searching for Bergdahl:


And the five Taliban/Al-Qaeda terrorists Obama released:


UPDATE: NBC separately confirming– Bowe Bergdahl to Be Charged With Desertion, Officials Say

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was held captive by enemy forces in Afghanistan for five years, will be charged with desertion, senior defense officials tell NBC News. The officials say the charges could be referred within a week.

According to the officials, the desertion charges would be based on allegations that Bergdahl abandoned his remote outpost in June 2009 to avoid hazardous duty or important service, which are grounds for charges of desertion under the Uniform Military Code of Justice, or UCMJ. According to one senior official, Bergdahl’s actions in Afghanistan go well beyond the lesser offense of AWOL, absent without leave, because he allegedly abandoned his post “in the middle of a combat zone, potentially putting the lives of his fellows soldiers at risk.”

The charges will apparently not allege that Bergdahl left with the intent never to return. Bergdahl was reportedly captured by the Haqqani terrorist network in Pakistan. He was released in a prisoner swap for five Taliban commanders held at Guantanamo Bay in May.

While a court martial could lead to imprisonment, defense and military officials tell NBC News it is likely Bergdahl would be given consideration for the 5 years he spent in captivity and be permitted to leave the Army with a “less than honorable discharge.” If accepted, Bergdahl would be denied as much as $300 thousand in back pay and bonuses, and reduced in rank to at least Private First Class, the rank he held when he disappeared from his outpost in Afghanistan.

Army General Mark Milley, the command authority in the Bergdahl case, has not publicly released his findings.

Update 2: DoD denies– Defense Department: “Bergdahl Has Not Been Charged With Any Crime”

REAR ADM. JOHN KIRBY, DEPT. OF DEFENSE: There has been lots of speculation about — we have gotten lots of emails and questions today about the state of the case of Sgt. Bergdahl, so let me just put a fork in this now if I can.

No decision has been made with respect to the case of Sgt. Bergdahl, none, there is no timeline to make that decision, and General [Mark] Milley is not being put under any pressure to make such a decision… There is a process here… Sgt. Bergdahl has not been charged with any crime.

REPORTER: Just to clarify, he has not been charged at this point?

KIRBY: Sgt. Bergdahl has not been charged with any crime.

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  1. Shifra says:

    With all these updates, I’m going to need some dramamine. I guess the Defense Department needed more time to figure out WTH they’re doing…

  2. WalkStar says:

    I’ll see your Desertion and raise you a Treason!

  3. WalkStar says:

    Can we get a do-over on releasing those 5 terrorist leaders? Of all the dumb-assery!

  4. Dave says:

    This whole damned regime cannot for life of them do one thing right.

  5. Norm says:

    First; I want to say, we should always get Americans held anywhere back using whatever necessary means. Even if they are criminals and need prosecution…but Bergdahl committed something not necessarily against the law, but certainly against the unwritten code of conduct for all soldiers in the middle of the proverbial Shi’ite. That is Betrayal….I wrote this back when this whole swap happened and I after I watched members of his unit speaking. It still applies and will always apply.

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