Because no matter how hard you try, a disaster is a disaster is a disaster. The number is actually 900,000 when you count the exact same snafu of wrong tax info being sent out to 100,000 separate customers of the California ObamaCare exchange. It’s the nature of big government to breed incompetent bureaucracy. How much longer will we allow this fraud to continue?

Via NYT.

About 800,000 taxpayers who enrolled in insurance policies through HealthCare.gov received erroneous tax information from the government, and were urged on Friday to hold off on filing tax returns until the error could be corrected.

The Obama administration, under heavy pressure from congressional Democrats, also announced that it would give several million people more time to buy health insurance so they could comply with federal law and avoid tax penalties.

The incorrect insurance information is used in computing taxes. Consumers can expect to receive corrected data in the first week of March. With the new data, officials warned, some taxpayers will owe more and some will owe less.

Officials said they did not know why the error had occurred…

Treasury officials said that up to six million people might be subject to tax penalties because they were uninsured in 2014. But health officials said they would help consumers obtain exemptions. Federal officials have authorized more than 30 types of exemptions from the penalty for not having insurance.

Millions of consumers received subsidies, in the form of tax credits, to help them pay premiums for coverage purchased through federal and state insurance exchanges last year. The credits were based, in part, on the consumers’ projected income for 2014 and the cost of a “benchmark plan.”

Mr. Slavitt said the government had discovered that the benchmark premiums were incorrectly reported on forms sent to 800,000 taxpayers, about one-fifth of all the forms mailed out by the federal government.

In the meantime, Obama’s White House spokeshole refuses to apologize for a debacle that seriously delays tax refunds for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

HT Weekly Standard.

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  1. dennisl59 says:

    “Officials said they did not know why the error had occurred…” And there you go. These knuckleheads could have just said ‘we’re investigating’. I will bet an Obama 3 dollar bill that one of the contractors(with offshore ‘support’) messed this up, told the government idiot-reps everything was ‘ok’ and hoped the problem fixed itself(never happens) or no one noticed(stupid Americans).

    (Face it, there people in government that have had their minds so completely warped by brainwashing, groupthink and indoctrination they are, literally, unable to respond to a yes or no question without uttering what they’ve been programmed to say. And they cannot be helped because they have become raving sociopaths. They are goners. Room 101. How many fingers?) All you have to do is listen closely to the words spoken during a complete Q&A White House briefing.

    posted 2/20 305pm Texas[The Big Lie]Time

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  3. Kitten says:

    Shorter Josh: “In comparison to the total number of Americans and illegals in the country, 800,000 is a minuscule amount of people affected and is not even worth mentioning really.”

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