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Things are not going well for MIT economist Jonathan Gruber.

Earlier this week, officials began investigating Gruber’s “problematic billing” of his work on behalf of Vermont.

Via Burlington Free Press: Gruber billing referred to Vermont attorney general

…Gruber submitted two consecutive invoices in September and October claiming the exact same figures — 100 hours for Gruber at $500 per hour, and 500 hours for his research assistants at $100 per hour. Only one research assistant worked on the project, according to the auditor’s report.

“The evidence suggests that Dr. Gruber overstated the hours worked by the RA and that the Agency of Administration ignored the obvious signs that something was amiss,” Hoffer wrote….

The auditor believes Gruber assumed that he could use round numbers on his Vermont bills, “although the plain language of the contract says otherwise.”

And now, this:

Via Breitbart: Massachusetts Governor Fires Jonathan Gruber from Health Connector Board

Republican Governor Charlie Baker, who took office in January, has fired embattled Obamacare architect MIT professor Jonathan Gruber from the Massachusetts Health Connector Board.

It’s a blow to Gruber, who played a key role in the establishment of the board when it was set up to administer RomneyCare. Gruber went on to play a similar role in the passage of the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

As first reported by Jon Keller at WBZ-TV, Baker “demanded and received the resignations of four members of the state Health Connector board, including MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber….

As Keller reported, the Health Connector Board has “become a lightning-rod for consumer complaints about the failure of the once-vaunted online health-care marketplace to transition to the more complex requirements of ObamaCare.”

So, Dr. Gruber: Who’s stupid now?


All of #GruberGate in Two Minutes

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  1. hbmuzik says:

    Those stupid board members!

  2. Kitten says:

    Ha-ha, Shifra! That pic is the typical “I screwed up”, or “I’ve been a real Jerk”, or “I got caught cheating on my wife” look.

    He built his wealth on a bed of lies. Now it’s crumbling all around him. I wonder if the liberals won’t let him twist in the wind for a while, and then have him end up teaching ethics at his beloved MIT, or Yale, or Hah-vard. #LOSER

  3. Maynard says:

    There is a class of parasites that sop up gobs of the public wealth by serving on various advisory committees or otherwise fill fluff jobs. Didn’t Michelle Obama get paid an outrageous salary for being a hospital outreach commissioner, or something like that? Although, to be fair to Michelle, she had some ability to pull state money into the hospital through the influence of her husband the state senator, so she (and/or he) was a criminal rather than a parasite. The sort of thing that just brought down the governor of Oregon. Or perhaps what I’m saying here isn’t quite accurate; I’m just babbling off the top of my head. But one way or another, these people are parasites and criminals, producing nothing, and living off the fat of the land. And heaping disdain upon the lousy slobs that actually work for a living.

  4. Cathode Rays says:

    “Gruber, who played a key role in the establishment of the board when it was set up to administer RomneyCare.”

    Lying”AmericansAreStupid”Gruber –> RomneyCare. Never forget.

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