megyn kelly-psaki

As always, Megyn Kelly asked hard-hitting questions.

And, as always, Jen Psaki said…well, I’m not exactly sure.

Something about “Actions speak louder than words.”

And, ‘The proof is in the pudding.”

Or something…


CBS News: Official: U.S. intelligence surprised by collapse of Yemen government

Jerusalem Post: Israelis think Obama interfering in election, poll finds

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  1. Charles_PA says:

    Jen Psaki always sounds like she just graduated from high school rather than a seasoned professional. That woman is a national embarrassment.

  2. Alain41 says:

    Psak puppet.

  3. pamelarice says:

    Yes, “Death to America” does mean please come back we love you and want you here.

  4. dennisl59 says:

    Fortunately I don’t need to and will decline to listen to a single word of what this ‘Spokesperson’ utters from it’s vocal cords. It’s all calculated and pre-programmed and spoken by, someone that has had their brain washed, literally, in Room 101 in the Ministry of Love.

    We found this on our favorite online encyclopedia:

    Thought Terminating Cliche’ is the most effective weapon of the Propagandist.

    posted 2/13 745am Texas[2+2=5]Time

  5. deaves1 says:

    With the current leadership from the WH and both SecStates we’ve had since Obama became president, there should be no question why our lack of foreign policy has produced these results.

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