Tammy was on America News HQ discussing the VA scandal and the lack of progress made by the Obama administration on the care of America’s finest. Wait for the best Tammy “eye roll” when Richard Goodstein pulls out the only thing the libs have in defense of this administration – Osama Bin Laden (he also gets the Tammy headshake) — priceless!!

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  1. Kitten says:

    But, but, but…Bin Laden!! The only answer liberals have to any problem is to throw mo money at it. While Tammy presents facts and solutions, this hack tries (and fails) to defend Obama’s incompetency.

  2. Rob_W says:

    Thanks, Patricia 🙂

    The disgusting Democrat (pardon the redundancy) just cannot help himself as he uses our Vets to push his political propaganda. I would love to see the fact-check report on his claims.

    Great job, Tammy!

  3. ashleymatt says:

    Wow, this Goodstein is a true-believing socialist. First, he decries the profit motive and says veterans receive better care because of the lack of it. Then he praises the fact that we’re throwing billions more dollars at the problem with a committee composed of former CEO’s (though why he’d want an evil profit-motivated CEO on a committee, I’m not sure). Since the U.S.S.R. isn’t around anymore, maybe we could all chip in for a one-way ticket for Mr. Goodstein to Venezuela. I hear they’re way ahead of us on all these issues. In fact, their toilet paper is so superior due to the lack of a profit motive, that it has (permanently) flown off the shelves.

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