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Well, considering all the good news being reported on about coffee in the past week – here is a bit of interesting piece of history…#GirlPower

Via Refinery29: How Is Your A.M. Coffee Related To Women’s History?

March is Women’s History Month (hurray!), and as a bona fide caffeine addict, I feel it is my duty to elevate and celebrate Melitta Bentz — without her, we might not have our morning drip coffee.

Melitta was a housewife from Dresden who invented the paper filter using her son’s school notebook. Prior to this simple (and genius!) application of paper, cups of coffee were full of grounds, overly bitter, and the linens used to strain the beans had to be washed repeatedly (boring!). Frau Bentz’s paper filter was easy to use, cheap to make, and disposable! She filed her patent in 1908, and the rest is history.

Thanks to her, an entire industry was born, and it’s important to note that her method is still one of the most popular ways of brewing in the world — by some estimates, 60% of all coffee is made in this way! I am personally grateful to Bentz, because her contribution to history means that I am not a zombie every morning. Melitta Bentz, we honor you….

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  1. kmsbc says:

    Behind every good man is a woman. So, Ms Bentz is behind Mr Coffee?

    • Shifra says:

      very cute,kmsbc 🙂

      I always wondered about the name “Melitta.” So, as Paul Harvey used to say, “and now you know the rest of the story.”

  2. sweetexp says:

    LOL, yes Shifra. I particularly like the Youtube videos where one can see Paul Harvey’s “What is a Policeman and “What is a firefighter” videos. So VERY moving. Also this is a great article from Pamela Rice since morning coffee is GREAT!

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