And how is POTUS celebrating Earth Day?

He’s flying down to the Florida Everglades to warn us of the impending horrors of Climate Change.

Because nothing says “Save Our Planet” than burning thousands of gallons of jet fuel to give a forgettable speech that no one will hear.

Via Weekly Standard: White House Graphic Distorts Impact of Climate Change

….On Monday, the following graphic appeared in a White House tweet, presenting an almost night-and-day difference between the status quo and adopting the president’s policies:

The way in which the White House chose to present the alternatives, however, seems to be designed to exaggerate the difference between the two.

Although both the graphic and tweet display a link to the Climate Change page on the White House website, the map showing worldwide temperature variances does not appear there, although the same graphic has appeared several times in the past on the White House Twitter account.

The White House apparently chose to present only the longest range projection, the one extending to the end of the 21st century. But by using a different color scheme than the EPA and by leaving out any actual reference to the period of time being portrayed, the White House overdramatizes the comparison….


Daily Caller: Flashback 1970: Earth Day Prof. Predicted A Super Ice Age Would Engulf The World

Weasel Zippers: Obama’s #EarthDay Trip To The Everglades Guzzling 9,000 Gallons Of Jet Fuel

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Leftists see Obama as The Unicorn Bringer especially when considering his ‘environmental’ pursuits. I see him and his Earth Day climate change pursuits as The Unicorn Killer Part Deux.

    Wikip: Ira Samuel Einhorn…known as “the Unicorn Killer”, is an American man convicted of the murder of his ex-girlfriend…His moniker, “the Unicorn,” came from his name, Einhorn — unicorn in German….Einhorn was an active participant at the first Earth Day event in Philadelphia in 1970. He later claimed to have been instrumental in the creation of Earth Day and launching the event, but other event organizers dispute his account….

  2. Alain41 says:

    When you haven’t had a budget for years (ever for Obama) to constrain your spending, why would you have a map reference to explain the map’s limits?

    Map reminds me of the cartoon joke about a presenter with an inclined line on a presentation slide. Presenter explains that if you do what he wants then profits will go up (and he shows slide with line going up). But if you don’t do what he wants then profits will go down (and presenter turns slide around to show line going down).

  3. midget says:

    Wait, What ? Where’s the pic of Obama hugging a tree ? Since it’s always about him, I just assumed.

  4. strider says:

    A fitting delusion for the day marking the disintegration of the delusions of the hippies.

  5. Kitten says:

    Because EVERYTHING this regime does is political, is it no wonder the caption in this false graphic reads: If We Act (in blue), vs If We Fail (in red). The subliminal message did not go unnoticed. #Jerks

  6. Rob_W says:

    Where’s the picture of Obama standing in front of the Earth?

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