Hey, Global Warming/Climate Change Alarmists:

Here’s your chance to do something “positive” for the environment:

If you ever have surgery, just say no…to anesthesia!

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Via Think Progress: Surgical Anesthesia Is Contributing To Climate Change, Study Shows

….According to new peer-reviewed research published in the journalGeophysical Research Letters, the gases used to knock out patients before an operation are making a very small contribution to human-caused climate change. The gases — desflurane, isoflurane, and sevoflurane — have been detected in the atmosphere as far as Antarctica, the study showed….

All three gases are greenhouse gases, meaning that like carbon dioxide, they trap heat in the atmosphere. But they’re also much more potent than carbon dioxide, meaning they trap more heat per pound emitted….

Relative to other emissions sources, the research confirmed that anesthetic gases’ contribution to climate change is pretty minor….

Still, that doesn’t mean anesthetic gases aren’t worth reducing, according to Yale University School of Medicine anesthesiologist Jodi Sherman. Sherman, who reviewed the study before publication, told ThinkProgress that she was alarmed to find her profession was contributing even in small part to climate change — especially when mitigation measures are widely available.

“From my perspective what makes it alarming is that it’s significant enough that it could be measured at all,” she said, “and that as population grows and number of surgeries increases, this can be expected to rise.”

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Flurane gases are also used for veterinary surgery. They’ll probably come for our pets first.

  2. Pat_S says:

    Guess it’s back to the whiskey bottle for surgeries.

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