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First you starve the pupils in the lunchroom and then you feed them crap in the classroom…

Via EAG News: FOOD FIGHT: Feds take to social media to combat paltry Michelle O lunch photos

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has decided to combat the onslaught of paltry school lunch photos being posted by students on social media by publishing some of their own.

Call it an attempt to win the PR battle as the skimpy, disgusting school lunches appearing on Facebook and Twitter continue to turn the stomachs of students and parents alike.

“We have all seen those unappetizing photos of food served at school that quickly go viral. A lonesome whole wheat bun atop a sad fish fillet; a mysterious-looking meat mixture served next to an apple,” writes Deborah Kane, national director of the USDA Farm to School Program on the department’s blog.

….Public Schools Food Service Coordinator Jim Gehlhoff admitted the lunch “concerns us,” but added that it might not actually be as bad as it looks.

“Poor lighting and food presentation make this lunch unappealing,” he said in a statement released to the media.

Kane writes in her blog titled “Photo-Worthy Meals:”

It’s natural to ask, “Is this what they serve for lunch!?”

No, it’s really not.

In my ideal world, the Internet would be abuzz with photos like the one…also a school lunch featuring a fish fillet, taken at Samuel J. Green Charter School in New Orleans….


…meanwhile, students continue to bring attention to the lunches being served in their school cafeterias….

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  1. strider says:

    Beauteous. Creativity is alive and well in the school children. Dullards at the WH can’t take a joke with their feet stuck in leftist goo.

  2. Alain41 says:

    Can you imagine what Samurai Chef would do to Mooch’s food? And Blutarsky would destroy the administration in this food fight. Remember when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. Ed. Dept., Dead! Ag. Dept., Dead! …

  3. Kitten says:

    “Poor lighting and food presentation make this lunch unappealing,”

    Wow. Just, wow. 🙁

    No, Mr. Food Service Coordinator, the very thought of “school lunch” is unappealing. Our kids know the difference between food, and slop.

    • Shifra says:

      “horse meat on sticky flour” — yumm-o 🙁

    • mdannyg says:

      I’m glad he reminded us that the poor lighting is another thing we can thank liberals for. I’m sure they have all the appropriate flourescent energy saving disgusting bulbs.

      I don’t if I would call it “starving.” My first thought when I saw these pictures is that it all looks way too fattening and high in cholesterol. Bacon cheeseburgers and curly fries for kids? And the picture of the fish filet and broccoli looks like way too much food for the small child holding the tray. Even I would have trouble getting all that down for lunch.

  4. Squirrel says:

    Sadly, in many cases, the quality of their education is equal to the quality of their lunches.

  5. dennisl59 says:

    Here’s a follow up to this program:


    posted 6/3 802am Texas[Bread and Water]Time

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