carly fiorina-seth myers

Dem water-carrying (and unfunny) comedian Seth Meyers thought he could mock Carly Fiorina by reminding her that she had failed to purchase the internet domain before starting her campaign.

But his little ‘bit’ took an unexpected turn when Carly responded.

Well played, Carly !

Via Weekly Standard: Carly Buys ‘SethMeyers.Org’

….”That’s kind of funny, actually,” Fiorina said when Meyers showed her an image of the site.

Fiorina continued. “Do you know who owns I do,” she said. “I just bought it in the green room.”

“You’ve got that kind of scratch?” Meyers asked.

“Actually, it was really cheap, Seth. I hate to tell you,” Fiorina said….

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  1. midget says:

    In order to save thousands of jobs, sometimes you have to lay off
    hundreds. No big deal libs.

  2. Charles_PA says:

    Favorite part: the domain name was really cheap. That left a mark.

  3. Dave says:

    Now she can lay Seth off.

  4. dennisl59 says:

    It’s so great to see this schmuck put in his place. I cannot stand him. He is the perfect stereotype of the East Coast, Over-educated yet stupid, Ivory Tower dwelling, Limo Liberal 1%’er Pissant.

    posted 5/6 1213pm Texas[Cruz Country]Time

  5. Maynard says:

    The layoffs are of course not meaningful, but my understanding is that HP did not fare well under Fiorina’s stewardship. I’d like to see a president that possesses the skills that can beat a monster corporation into a state of better productivity and profitability. U.S. Gov’t Inc. is the biggest, clunkiest entity in the world, so the task is comparable. But I don’t think Fiorina can say she did that.

  6. pamelarice says:

    Will you be getting Carly on the show, Tammy? I’m really intrigued and excited about this woman. I wasn’t too sure about her but the more I hear the more I like

  7. ancientwrrior says:

    This lady seems like she could stomp a mudhole in some libs with a smile on her face. Hmmmm, very interesting person that bears watching. Sure beats the hell out of the Hillary witch.

  8. Rob_W says:

    If Carly Fiorina has a record of layoffs at HP, then she is perfect for the job running the federal government.

  9. yayii says:

    She is not presidential material! Isn’t she selling a book too?

  10. Norm says:

    I am beginning to like Carly more and more each interview. But still too early to come out with the top…..but I am quite happy with the line up (Jeb, notwithstanding). The rest are a very good group. I used to put jobs for my department (difficult transfusion work)…very specific education requirements; and extremely tough major (all hard science) and someone who could make life and death decisions easily and with confidence. So I would often not get a large group to choose from; generally only 1 maybe 2. But on occasion, I would be lucky and have 4 or 5 who were all very impressive. It was a pleasure to choose the best candidate from a group of the best…that is what this GOP lineup (minus a couple) reminds me of……

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