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Earlier this week, Hillary reminisced about her mother while speaking to a crowd in N.H.

She recalled Mom’s “grilled cheese and tomato soup sandwiches” (not sure what a grilled cheese tomato soup sandwich is, but…whatever) and how she always basked in the love and caring of her Mom.

So, why does she want to dump all the little kiddies into preschool?

Can’t they also get their grilled cheese tomato soup sammies?

Via CNS News:

“Only 55 percent of all of America’s 3- and 4-year-olds are enrolled in preschool,” Hillary Clinton said on Monday, after telling a crowd in New Hampshire how much she valued her own childhood at home with her mother.

“I just knew she was my mom,” Clinton said of the late Dorothy Rodham. “And she was great and she was fun and she taught me so much. And she made grilled cheese and tomato soup sandwiches. I mean, there was just a wonderful sense of being loved and taken care of, but also being inspired.”

….But a few minutes later, Clinton said even children as young as three should be enrolled in some kind of pre-school or child-care program….

She noted that China is making a “huge commitment” to early childhood education because of “brain research.”

“I believe the time has come to make pre-school and quality child care available to every child in America. If our families are going to be strong and our economy is going to thrive, all our kids need the chance to get off to the best possible start,” Clinton said….

“And we also need to invest in child care, because if you only start at four, the brain research shows that 80 percent of your brain has developed by the age of three. Now the good news is that leaves 20 percent to keep working on.

“But it is a fact that, by three, many of our kids have already had most of the brain development that they’re going to get. And in this campaign, I’ll offer a comprehensive agenda to ensure that every child in America has access to quality, affordable child care….

She promised to double funding for Early Head Start and the Early Head Start Child Care program….


Cato Institute: It’s Time to Stop Head Start

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  1. deaves1 says:

    Just what is a grilled cheese and tomato soup sandwich anyway? To reflect on Hillary’s behavior it appears she was raised by wolves.

  2. dennisl59 says:

    “Now the good news is that leaves 20 percent[of the brain] to keep working on.”

    Spoken like a true believer ‘It Takes A Village’ Communist.

    posted 6/17 900am Texas[Better Dead Than Red]Time

  3. Di Grace says:

    Hillary promises double funding for her early child care program and this means more “freebies” funded by the toiling middle-class. People I’ve worked with who have pre-school age children can hardly wait for the kids to attend school and save the cost of day care. Stealing the money of hard working Americans and spreading it around is this woman’s real intent. It’s simply an extension of Obama’s wealth redistribution.

  4. Alain41 says:

    She references brain research as why your children should be taken away from you but won’t release medical records on the status of her brain. And the notion that to strengthen the family, the children must be removed from it is pure Orwellian. Have to destroy the village to save it.

  5. ancientwrrior says:

    Where are you hiding your flying monkeys teacher, and can I ride on your flying broom?

  6. Pat_S says:

    Again, this is nothing new coming from Hillary. As First Lady, on April 17, 1997 she hosted the White House Conference on Early Childhood Development and Learning: What New Research on the Brain Tells Us About Our Youngest Children.

    John T. Bruer, Ph.D who was at the time affiliated with three foundations in the capacity of following research and awarding grants in education, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience, was invited.

    He questioned the correlation between what neuroscience discovered and the social programs being advocated at the conference. There is science going back 30, 40 years researching the rapid growth of the brain during the first three years of life. Certainly neglect and stress have a negative effect on the brain development of a child. Brain science, however, does not substantiate the call for social investment such as that advocated by Mrs. Clinton.

    Dr. Bruer authored a book, The Myth of the First Three Years: A New Understanding of Early Brain Development and Lifelong Learning

    He writes about Mrs. Clinton’s opening remarks: (from New York Times Books, my emphasis added)

    Mrs. Clinton opened the conference. She emphasized the significance of our new understanding of the brain. Brain science confirms what parents have instinctively known, “that the song a father sings to his child in the morning, or a story that a mother reads to her child before bed, help lay the foundation for a child’s life, in turn, for our nation’s future.” Unlike fifteen years ago, when we thought babies’ brains were virtually complete at birth, she told us, we now know brains are a work in progress. This means, Mrs. Clinton said, that everything we do with a child has some kind of potential physical influence on that rapidly forming brain. Children’s earliest experiences determine how their brains are wired. The first three years are critically important because so much is happening in the baby’s brain. “These experiences,” Mrs. Clinton said, “can determine whether children will grow up to be peaceful or violent citizens, focused or undisciplined workers, attentive or detached parents themselves.

    If claims about brain science were confined to rhetorical flourishes in policy documents like Years of Promise or to the editorial page of the Chicago Tribune, it was probably relatively harmless. It might even draw attention to some important issues that policymakers and newspaper readers might otherwise ignore. However, it struck me as a very different matter if people were taking the brain science seriously as a basis for policy and legislation and if parents were asking what the new brain science meant for raising their children and choosing schools.

    Looks like she will be pushing this mythology again.

    Also see: PBS Frontline interview

    • ancientwrrior says:

      Pat, the same old dreck keeps coming around again and again, like some animals regurgitate their cuds to keep chewing on it. The libs, progressives keep bringing up the same old thing again because their minds are closed loops and nothing else can enter. They are like some animals of the distant past that did not adapt to the changes around them, and thus died out to extinction. Perhaps in the far future, these dead end people and their ideas will also die out of the gene pool.

  7. Maynard says:

    Apropos of nothing: #Black(Bear)LivesMatter!.

    Clarification: Black Bear Killed story

    PERRYVILLE, Mo. (AP) — In a story June 14 on a black bear being killed in eastern Missouri, The Associated Press inadvertently dropped the word “bear” from the lead sentence. It should have read: “Authorities have killed a black bear that was running loose in eastern Missouri.”

  8. dennisl59 says:

    It’s a Brave New World for Clinton and her sycophants in the Media, acolytes and personality cult worshipers that want a ‘Benevolent Dictatorship'(Fundamental Transformation) in America.

    *children are educated via the hypnopaedic process, which provides each with appropriate subconscious messages to mold the child’s self-image appropriate to their caste. This is better known today as “Pre-K”.

    *discouragement of critical thinking.

    *discouragement of individual action and initiative. Spending time alone is considered abnormal and even reprehensible

    *an abundance of material goods

    Furthermore: The programme has been successful. The lower castes’ restricted abilities, ambitions and desires make them contented with their lot. There is no dissatisfaction because each caste member receives the same workload, food, housing, and soma ration. Nor is there any desire to change caste; conditioning reinforces the individual’s place in the caste system. The upper castes (with a few exceptions) revel in the hedonistic and materialistic lifestyle provided for them.

    posted 6/17 1026pm Texas[More Soma~!]Time

  9. LJZumpano says:

    don’t remember last time HRC mentioned her mom. Got me wondering, did she make grilled cheese and tomato soup sammies for Chelsea?

  10. Cathode Rays says:

    Those poor kids! We’re they eaten?

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