Feds’ 4th of July message to us: Please enjoy your grilled pineapple.

Our 4th of July message to Feds: Please mind your own business.

Via Washington Examiner:

Forget hamburgers and hotdogs — the U.S. Department of Agriculture is pushing people to grill up pineapple slices, peaches, nectarines and other fruit for their big July 4th feast.

“Throw some grilled pineapple on the grill & get ready to enjoy nature’s candy,” USDA’s “MyPlate” website tweeted out this week….

And here’s another fab suggestion from the USDA busybodies:

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  1. Teri says:

    I’m going for the meat. Some ribs, beef and chicken. Yes, all three. The feds can stick it. Happy 4th to our Tammy army and God Bless America 🙂 🙂 🙂 HOOT !

  2. Alain41 says:

    Big Mother.

    It’s Nathan’s, Hot dog contest.

  3. MaryVal says:

    London broil, cooked on the grill, with blackened onions.

  4. midget says:

    I’m definitely grilling pineapple. I needed something sweet to go with my hots & hamburgs. Thanks Big Brother !

  5. angelaisms says:

    “Throw some grilled pineapple on the grill”?

    Are these people familiar at all with how cooking works? The thing about grilled pineapple is, IT’S ALREADY GRILLED. You know what throwing grilled pineapple on the grill gets you? Burnt pineapple.

    Good grief, these people can’t even Nanny State intelligently.

  6. strider says:

    The Feds like candy. The fact that it’s grown on the other side of the planet and flown here and trucked around using tons of oil and gas and smashing countless rabbits and turtles on the highway doesn’t bother them. Pineapple would make beer taste bad.

  7. dennisl59 says:

    An entire team(10?20?) of overpaid, under-worked government bureaucrats get paid to do this type of post from the USDA. How they can take the $$$ and sleep at night is the problem.

    posted 7/3 235pm Texas[Pizza with Hot Dog Trim]Time

  8. sparklesalt says:

    I’m a grilling fool. I grill everything. Tomorrow on the Fourth of July, I hope the weather is nice because I plan to be out there grilling. If we have bad weather I’ll still be out there. We were out there grilling when Hurricane Isabelle came through.

    Pineapple’s not so great on the grill though. Grilling doesn’t add much to it. Might as well eat it raw. I hate to grill it because space on the grill is a premium commodity around here and there’s so many better things for it. Even grilled Romaine lettuce beats grilled pineapple, and the lettuce beats it by a mile, and the lettuce only takes 30 seconds. Want to grill a fruit, do melons, which are also very fast to grill compared to pineapple.

    I’m going to be grilling awesome hamburgers, dogs, kabobs of all stripes, and barbequed chicken quarters. Plus, some really good and succulent corn. It’s fun to take large Vidalia onions, hollow them out, and fill them with stuff like spiced baked beans, salsa’s etc. I’ll be doing that, too. It’s fun to fry up squash, zucchini and onion on the grill. Fried apples with cinnamon – yum. Asparagus. Watermelon. If you have it throw it on and try it.

    And serve your pineapple as it is already. It’s fine that way.

  9. ancientwrrior says:

    I’m sorry to say, but you just can’t fix STUPID. Some people (the smarter than thous), just can’t help but justify their existence by spouting their B.S. to all us ignorant masses.

  10. pamelarice says:

    Hot dogs, potato salad and baked beans. And I think maybe some homemade ice cream. I’ll eat whatever I damn well please and screw you MO and USDA 🙂

  11. RussM_68 says:

    Our govt bureaucracy is confused about grilling instructions/procedures, but I’m sure they’re oh-so-much better at making all those much simpler and more straightforward medical decisions and approving medical procedures for us.

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