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Well, if you’re with the U.S.government of course $100 billion is piffling.

John Kerry was asked during a recent BBC interview if the $100 billion coming Iran’s way might contribute to violence. Kerry dismissed the notion by pointing out that Iran has plenty of domestic things to take care of like improving people’s lives so there really won’t be much left over from the $100 billion for violence. (After all, it’s only $100 billion.) Oh, maybe something left over for violence, but not enough to make a difference. Besides all the mischief Iran is involved with now doesn’t really cost anything so what’s the difference?

Secretary Kerry: July 2015 » Interview With James Robbins of BBC

QUESTION: Sanctions relief will pour lots of money into Iran. There must be a considerable risk they’ll spend at least some of that money supporting extremist terrorist groups who they’ve supported in the past, that money —

SECRETARY KERRY: Well, we’re not —

QUESTION: — freed up by this will actually cause more violence.

SECRETARY KERRY: Iran has something like $900 billion of economic need right now. To be able to pump oil and restore their energy sector, they have about a $300 billion investment. To be able to do infrastructure, improve the lives of their people – there are all kinds of things Iran needs to do. They have banking challenges, they have payment problem challenges. So the notion that 100 billion – which is what it is, not hundreds of billions, but 100 billion – is going to make all the difference in the world is just – it’s not true.

First of all, what Iran is doing in Yemen right now does not depend on money. What Iran has done for years with Hizballah does not depend on money. What Iran is doing – and by the way, they’re fighting ISIL and helping Iraq in many ways, but that has not depended on money. So sure, something may go additionally somewhere. But if President Rouhani and his administration do not take care of the people of Iran, they will have an enormous problem. And our intelligence community analyzes that the amount that may be the differential that finds its way somewhere is not the difference in what is happening in the Middle East.

Kerry has previously said Iran was “obviously” supplying the rebels. Just a few months ago he warned Iran of it’s increased involvement in Yemen that the U.S. would not “stand by” as the Middle East became destabilized. What was Iran supplying that costs nothing? A thumbs up?

Iran is not sending greeting cards to Hezbollah. Iran is supplying cash and weapons all over the Middle East. Besides, the deal will give more than $100 billion to Iran, far more once sanctions are lifted.

Even if..if…Iran doesn’t wind up with a nuclear bomb, it will have the next best thing to pursue destruction in the Middle East, lot’s of money.

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  1. Dave says:

    I remember this traitor vomiting his lies before Congress about what American soldiers were doing in Vietnam. I remember this liar getting Purple Heart awards he did not earn and Valor awards he did not earn. I remember this opportunist marrying one wealthy woman after another to enrich himself. This betrayal tops them all. This ruling class is lucky we’re not the French during their revolution.

  2. deaves1 says:

    This incompetent fool fits right in with rest of Obama’s inner circle.

  3. Alain41 says:

    Establishment thinks annual $500 to $1000 billion deficits are no big deal so why would they think $100 billion is significant? As Tammy says, the rich have no concerns relative to money. Though the main reason for Kerry ‘ s response may be, he won’t get Nobel Peace Prize if he admits that deal will cause terrorism. It’s all about him.

  4. dennisl59 says:

    You have to agree to the agreement to find out what’s in it. So this is why no one could see the working document…

    Hey, Where’s Hans Blix when you really need him?

    posted 7/16 450pm Texas[Geiger Counter]Time

  5. ancientwrrior says:

    Can’t stomach this stupid arrogant boob. Too bad the V.C. didn’t fly an RPG up his haughty bum in Vietnam. 🙁

  6. Maynard says:

    From Peggy Noonan’s comments about the Iran deal. I think this captures the essence of what’s so disturbing about Obama, his seeming fundamental inversion of good and evil.

    Mr. Obama is an odd one in that when there are rivals close by, in Congress for instance, with whom he could negotiate deals, he disses them in public, attacks their motives, yanks them around with executive orders, crushes them when possible. But when negotiating with actual tyrants he signals deference, hunger. I leave it to others to explain what it means when a man is bullying toward essentially good people and supplicating toward bad ones. But the sense is he always wants it too much and is consequently a poor negotiator, and this will have some impact on U.S. and world reaction.

    • Pat_S says:

      Obama thinks America has been a racist , imperialist power preying on non-white, non-European people. He sees his mission as righting that wrong. The more America is weakened and humiliated, the better.

  7. Alain41 says:

    And in more ‘wisdom’ from John Kerry, here’s one of his statements on going to the UN before Congress; “Kerry argued that though the U.N. would be voting first, “we prevailed on them to delay the implementation of that vote out of respect for our Congress so we wouldn’t be jamming them.””

    Assumes the UN will vote Yes (ok that’s not presumptuous); may or may not be respect for Congress (I don’t think it is) but it’s definitely not respect for We the People; and ‘wouldn’t be jamming them’? Gosh that’s mighty swell of him, treating Congress as a Tom Petty lyric. He should apologize to Mr. Petty.

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