This woman and her husband moved to Europe for twenty years in protest of Ronald Reagan’s election.

Here’s hoping they have to pack their bags again in November 2016.

Via Washington Post:

….Marione Ingram says we’re backtracking as a country.

“They’re disenfranchising the poor, the elderly, blacks, Latinos, students,” she says of voter identification laws and the Supreme Court’s continued refusal to hear challenges to such restrictions. “This is, of course, how Hitler came to power, by disenfranchising voters.”

Decades have passed, and “we are back to where we were,” she says of voting rights restrictions. And it’s not just access to the polls that is being taken away, she says — “We have become a country that totally dismisses part of its population,” whether it’s climate-change deniers refusing to accept responsibility for harming the environment, women losing access to birth control or the inability to pass background checks on gun purchases.

After moving back to Washington after a 20-year stint in Europe — where she and Daniel moved in protest after Ronald Reagan won reelection — Ingram says seeing the rising death toll of the U.S.-Iraq war prompted her to start a new kind of protest….

Ingram says she’ll never stop agitating. “I’m demonstrating all the time,” she says about stumping in front of the White House most weeks, signing petitions and writing letters to the editor….

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  1. Gordon says:

    Is that a fly on her forehead? Just asking.

  2. strider says:

    Rising death toll in the inner city and parting out human infants doesn’t seem to bother her.

  3. Alain41 says:

    As the WaPo article indicates, she was born a Jew in Hamburg in 1935. She was forced to wear the identifying yellow Star of David on her clothing and much of her family were taken to the death camps. An example I think, of what if Anne Frank lived but was permanently scarred psychologically.

    She’s wrong in that Hitler did not disenfranchise voters directly. He promised voters the moon and then outlawed all other parties when he got power. Sure you could vote, but there was only the Nazi Party. So indirectly, voter disenfranchisement. Need to explain to her that that’s what we see today with our two Parties, the Democrats and establishment GOP have joined forces against us the normal citizens. If Hitler had given choice of East Nazi Party and West Nazi Party, the result would still have been indirect voter disenfranchisement. “…”Starting as a 5-year-old, I was aware that there were forces that wanted to kill me,” Ingram explains. “And because we were so isolated, because all of my mother’s family had already been exterminated, there were no children to play with….”

  4. Piquerish says:

    One look — just a quick squint — at the horse-faced grimace … it just screams “LIBTARD!” Slander becomes the LIBTARD! you know.

  5. Dave says:

    Hate consumes these people.

  6. rtthorne says:

    Does she mention the disenfranchising of whites caused by the Black Panthers during the ’08 election in Philly? Of course not! And Furkel’s AG dismisses the charges when there is a conviction.
    And what woman is being denied birth control? Here’s $9.00, there’s a Wal Mart. Oh, that’s right, you want it for “free”. You stupid twit.

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