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Tammy was on Varney & Co with Ashley Webster discussing whether Donald Trump should have defended President Obama after he failed to correct a reporter who called Obama Muslim. Her comments were, as usual, point on.

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  1. sandyl says:

    Great Tammy!! That was my first thought..a plant. It sounded exactly like a liberal imitating a “conservative” (we’re all nut jobs).

    But wait (sarc warning) hasn’t the media told us over and over that Muslims are peaceful and loving? This man didn’t call Obama an Islamic Extremist or terrorist, he called him a Muslim. You would think the media would consider this a high compliment to Obama, but I guess there’s no way to make sense of liberals, especially when politics are at play.

  2. BillD says:

    Thank you, Tammy. Stand firm.


  3. PJH91321 says:

    I agree 100% — great job, Tammy!!

  4. CZ455 says:

    Question: What is so wrong with being called a “Muslim”?
    Even if one is called a Muslim by mistake or in outright ignorance – why is it such a bad thing to be called a Muslim – a practitioner of the Islamic faith – that your first knee jerk reaction is to require immediate abject apologies, and requires that you rise to be the sole arbiter that is held responsible to address and correct any and all who dares to speak these thoughts aloud in an open forum?
    Liberals should note that President Obama, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, has constantly reminded all of us for years and years now that Islam is the “Religion of Peace”.
    Well, there you have it – so, if that is true, that being a Muslim is congruent with one that practices the “Religion of Peace” then what is so wrong with being called a Muslim? …
    We all want Peace, do we not?
    … Then, why pray tell, do liberals continue their ever perpetual embrace of indignant faux outrage?
    The better response to these smug and repugnant self-righteous liberals is best asked – “Really, you have a problem with being called a Muslim – Why?
    …….”Just sayin”

    • Cathode Rays says:

      Oh, it all depends on what the liberal PC police choose to be outraged by. But they are always tripped up by the truth — which is why they hate truth-tellers and why they try to shut them up.

      The jackass forgot to lie during an interview with Moptopopoulos. George helpfully corrected him.

      Who makes a mistake like calling oneself a Muslim if it isn’t in fact true?

  5. CZ455 says:

    PS to my earlier post — I listened to Friday’s Podcast. (9/18/2015)
    As is usually the case, Tammy and I are on the same page 🙂

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