So, Lurch Mr. Kerry:

Israelis arming themselves to defend against random Arab knife attacks is wrong.

But shooting a bird for sport is swell ?

Got it…

Via PJ Media:

Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters today that Israel has a right to defend itself, but discouraged against “self-help” responses to random stabbing attacks from Palestinians….

Israeli authorities have encouraged citizens with gun permits to carry when they’re out and about, as they can possibly stop an attacker before police can get on the scene.

Appearing at a press conference in Madrid with his Spanish counterpart, Kerry again used the recent spate of violence in Jerusalem to call for a two-state solution….

“We continue to urge everybody to exercise restraint and restrain from any kind of self-help in terms of the violence, and Israel has every right in the world to protect its citizens, as it has been, from random acts of violence. But in my conversations with the prime minister, as well as with King Abdullah and the foreign minister of Jordan, they have expressed the desire to try to see this process be able to find a way of making certain that everybody is clear about what is happening with respect to the Temple Mount.”

Uh oh. That pesky ‘Temple Mount’ thing again…


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  1. Alain41 says:

    Just over 7 years ago, Presidential candidate Barack Obama told Philadelphians, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun…”. Something about depends on whose ox is being gored comes to mind here.

  2. cbldski says:

    I have to think the Israelis could care less what John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) says or thinks. Does “Never Again.” Sound familiar?

  3. Cathode Rays says:

    “Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters today that Israel has a right to defend itself, but discouraged against “self-help” responses to random stabbing attacks from Palestinians…”

    In other words, the Israelies ought to just be polite and die.
    Uhuuuhhhuuuhhh… (shakes head)

  4. DAVID says:

    All well said.

  5. Charles_PA says:

    Kerry was not shooting a bird for sport — he was shooting the bird for a photo op. Politicians killing animals for a photo ops borders on death porn. At least he could have eaten the bird! By the way, I’m pro-hunting, but not for politicians accompanied by photographers.

  6. Piquerish says:

    Unfit for command … or even for suggestions. He’s an archly arrogant halfwit and back-stabbing, self-aggrandized, twice marriage up-jumped, four-flushing phony, and for me John Effing Kerry ALWAYS will be at the pinnacle of the pile of liberal sobs I detest the most. I never shall forget nor forgive the craven slander he heaped upon me and my fellow Vietnam veterans, and I never shall forgive those who elevate the rotten wretch to high offices. He is the pointiest t*rd with the most flies at the very top of the PILE.

  7. MACVEL says:

    Perhaps he wants the Israeli death toll to climb. If his boss is a Jew-hater, Kerry would, at the very least, have to act like one.

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