The once-proud ‘Newspaper of Record’ is now the ‘Newspaper of Hillary-Fawning, Slobbering and Drooling.’

Via Twitchy:

But, since today is Hillary’s birthday, here is my suggestion for a birthday present: A book entitled: ‘How To Do More Than One Thing At A Time And Turn On A Microphone, For Dummies’

Via Daily Caller: Hillary Snips: ‘I Can Do More Than One Thing At A Time’ — Then Forgets To Turn On Mic


Twitchy: ‘So many things wrong with this’: Clinton campaign uses an ‘ABSURD’ ploy to get birthday card signers

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  1. MACVEL says:

    The perfect gift–golden bracelets! (sometimes called handcuffs…)

  2. Piquerish says:

    The Old Grey Lady, she ain’t what she used to be many long years ago. Captained by an ideologue self-loather and staffed by lickspittle sycophants, the New York Times has long since devolved into journalistic atavism and become the DNC’s biggest and best house organ. This is not news. It’s history. The leftist courtesan press — once upon a time the Forth Estate but no more — Sickens me to my back teeth.

  3. sweetexp says:

    Hello all TAMS in Chat. I seem to be locked out of typing in chat, but I see everyone’s comments:)

    And oh yea, Hillary for prison 2016!

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