nuclear explosion

This is all so confusing.

I mean, didn’t President Selfie-Stick say ISIS was a Junior Varsity Team?

And didn’t he also say “Al Qaeda is on the run” ?

And didn’t he assure us that the Iran Deal would prevent Iran from going nuclear?

So, why is HHS suddenly concerned about the possibility of a nuclear attack?

Via CNS News: HHS Boosting Nation’s Stockpile of Burn Treatments in Case of Nuclear Attack

The detonation of an improvised nuclear device would produce intense heat, resulting in many patients with severe burns,” says a September 30 news release from the Department of Health and Human Services.

The announcement says HHS has contracted for the development of “four novel products to treat severe thermal burns.”

The products will boost the number of treatment options in case of disaster, and they’ll also be used in “routine” burn care situations.

The four treatments — one commercially available right now and three in development — “will be added to the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) or managed by vendors to help protect people from burn injuries resulting from radiological and nuclear threats,” HHS said.

The announcement notes that burns stemming from a nuclear attack may require surgial skin grafting that is “resource intensive and technically demanding.” And with only 127 burn centers nationwide, a “mass casualty” incident could “easily overwhelm the nation’s burn care infrastructure.”

….The announcement comes at a time of heightened concern about national security in general and the threat of foreign terrorist fighters in particular….

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  1. Alain41 says:

    There seems to always be money and law to fund new projects. No restraints at all. Lesson may be that a wannabe dictator doesn’t need martial law if there’s no budget.

    And burn treatments do nothing for a nuclear EMP event. Seems that the only politicians who discuss EMP do so to increase government control, build their empire, get lobbyist money, get media groupies…

  2. Charles_PA says:

    President Selfie-Stick! You made me snort my morning tea. Good one Shifra.

  3. Piquerish says:

    When I was a soldier once (well, a Marine) and young, we used to pass around glib instructions for what to do in case of nuclear attack. “Bend over and kiss your a** goodbye,” we’d say, and everyone would laugh. Not so funny then, actually, and for sure not funny at all now. Check out Russian former lieutenant colonel Stanislov Petrov of the Soviet Air Defense Forces and the close CLOSE call the world had when Soviet early warning satellites went haywire in the fall of 1983 and told Russia that we had launched against them. The world nearly died then but for that man’s head and heart and courage. It is estimated that a full-throated nuclear exchange between the two countries most likely would have resulted in a global kill-off to rival the K/T extinction event. As far as I can determine, this is what these religious lunatics precisely want to see – the wreck of the world. Religion, it seems, is not an opiate for the masses, but the madness the gods visit first upon those they’d destroy.

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