Elizabeth Warren loves to say how she was once a Republican.

Well, kudos to ‘Faucahontas’ for mastering an important Leftist principle:

If someone disagrees with you, don’t bother trying to convince them with facts.

Just attack and destroy them.

Via WSJ: Don’t Cross Elizabeth Warren

What good is a think tank if thinking isn’t allowed? That’s the question the hard-left senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, forced on the soft-left Brookings Institution by getting one of its top economists fired.

Her victim is Robert Litan, a Democrat who served in the Clinton administration and had been associated with Brookings since the 1970s, including as a former director of its economics division.

The ambush of Mr. Litan occurred in Internet time. At 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday last week, the Washington Post reported online a letter Ms. Warren sent to Brookings complaining about him. Twitter lit up, with her fans demanding Mr. Litan’s head….By 9:30 Mr. Litan was gone.

In July Mr. Litan had testified against a Warren-backed Labor Department plan to regulate financial advisers. His cost-benefit analysis estimated that during a market downturn the regulation could cost investors—especially those who aren’t wealthy—tens of billions of dollars by depriving them of advice, such as against panic selling. Half of House Democrats and virtually all Republicans in Congress oppose the plan because of its costs.

Instead of rebutting his argument, Ms. Warren decided to punish it. Her letter to Brookings president Strobe Talbott accused Mr. Litan of concealing a conflict of interest. The first page of Mr. Litan’s testimony says: “The study was supported by the Capital Group, one of the largest mutual fund asset managers in the U.S.” She called that disclosure “vague”—an obvious falsehood….

A group of Democratic economists—including former Clinton administration officials Joseph Minarik, Bowman Cutter andEverett Ehrlich—signed a letter last week defending Mr. Litan: “Sen. Warren’s approach (and Brookings’ complicity with it) threatens ad hominem attack on any author who may be associated with an industry or interest whose views are contrary to hers.” Mr. Litan’s Twitter defenders used the hashtag #McCarthyismOfTheLeft….

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  1. dennisl59 says:

    Warren is a Liberal Fascist.

    posted 10/7 1017am Texas[Cruz Country]Time

  2. Alain41 says:

    Nelson Strobridge Talbott III, is a long-time Clintonite. Somewhat interesting that he’d take an action that Warren requested. Maybe favor to keep Warren happy and out of the race? (He was Bill’s Deputy Secy of State.)

    Wikip: “…In 1972 Strobe Talbott, along with his friends Robert Reich…and 2nd Lt. David E. Kendall, rallied to his friends Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton to help them in their Texas campaign to elect George McGovern president of the United States….The former Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) operative Sergei Tretyakov claimed that SVR considered Talbott a source of intelligence information and classified him as “a special unofficial contact”, although “he was not a Russian spy”. These unproven allegations center on Talbott’s relationship with Russian ambassador Georgiy Mamedov, who called the allegations “blatant lies”…. Talbott has noted that his meetings with Mamedov advanced U.S. objectives, such as getting Russia to accept NATO enlargement…”

    Talbott quote: “In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.” –in Time magazine, America Abroad: The Birth of the Global Nation, Monday, July 20, 1992

  3. Piquerish says:

    From my Twitter bio @piquerish — Liberalism is a religion. Its liturgy is perversion. ITS COMMANDMENT IS CONTROL. Its sacrament is abortion. Its hell is bureaucracy.

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