A group of eight female Russian astronauts is in training for a trip to the moon.

They were interviewed before entering a research facility to study their psychology. Some feathers have been ruffled by the institute director’s sexist remark about the women living with each other for several days.

All-female Russian crew starts Moon mission test

“I’d like to wish you a lack of conflicts, even though they say that in one kitchen, two housewives find it hard to live together,” he added.

The Russian media questioned the astronauts about hair washing and living without men or makeup.

Unfortunately for the staunchest feminists, one of the astronauts said:

“I don’t know how we’ll survive without shampoo. Because even in this situation, we really want to stay looking pretty.”

Even Phys.org felt compelled to mention the color of their jumpsuits (red of course). Hopefully it was facetious.

Despite a lack of American-style political correctness, these women could land on the moon before another American does. Russian-style political correctness has a greater emphasis on actual politics where incorrectness can land you in prison.

Note—–I know I’m getting old, but please tell me some of you got the Jackie Gleason reference in the title.

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  1. midget says:

    I wish they had picked the “ladies” of The View first.
    Gleason would have punched them for sure.

  2. Piquerish says:

    What? So the Russians still have their NASA? I remember when we had one, too. That was before it essentially was shut down and looted in order to buy layabout voter votes, you know … like Medicare was/is/will be? No matter. We can still pay the Rooskies for a ride-a-long.

  3. Alain41 says:

    Exactly Piquerish. Advice to media; ask Obama if Russians landing a woman on the moon will be a Redline to our NASA program. Or is making Muslims feel good about themselves more important. And awayyyyy we go…

  4. Maynard says:

    Yes, I know the line. I checked YouTube, where there’s no shortage of “To the moon!” clips; here’s a nice little sample.

    You couldn’t get away with this today. Yes, political correctness. Wife-beating isn’t funny, you know! Stop laughing and report to sensitivity training immediately! And purge this oppressive filth from the records!

    Today Ralph Kramden would be an emasculated milquetoast. We celebrate this transition, and enforce it aggressively. We’ve sacrificed our boys and girls, our men and women, on the altar of the generic androgynous person.

    It all sounds so tolerant and enlightened. So why aren’t we happy?

  5. I’m not a fan of feminism. It’s a leftist ideological construct that does not accurately describe the real world.

    News Flash; men and women are indeed different and have different points of view with different priorities. Humans are a dimorphic species, just like most other higher order creatures on the Earth. Evolutionary biology tells us that these differences are the result of millions of years of natural selection. That means that they have survival value and helped us to thrive in a variety of hostile environments. Women want to attract men and men want to attract women. Why? Because your genes don’t get passed on otherwise and then your species dies out. Thus we know that investing in cosmetic companies is probably a good long term bet.

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