In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a lot of trouble goin’ on out there. Bill Richardson, former U.N. Ambassador, former governor of New Mexico and former Secretary of Energy under Clinton admin fills us in.

Former U.N. ambassador says global landscape worst he’s ever seen

“There’s so many trouble spots,”…

“You’ve got Iraq, you’ve got the Iran situation, you’ve got Syria, you’ve got several wars in Africa going on, you’ve got Columbia and Venezuela fighting each other, you’ve got the immigration issue unsettled, you’ve got North Korea, you’ve got the refugee situation in Syria – this kind of explosion of problems.”

He’s observed that relations with Russia aren’t that good, calling for a stronger international coalition
to “thwart Russian aggression in Syria and eastern Europe”. Is “thwarting” different than proxy war because Obama says we’re not getting into anything like that.

He’d like to see Assad gone from power maybe under some kind of transition situation. He suggests we export more oil and gas to counter Russia squeezing countries with their natural gas. How unpleasant for those countries.

He’s not entirely sold on the nuclear deal with Iran yet thinks we should do the same thing with North Korea. In the approach anyway.

“Look, North Korea, get rid of your nuclear weapons. In exchange, maybe you get some food, some humanitarian assistance, some energy assistance.”

I believe that’s been tried.

So there’s your world update from someone who served in many high-level capacities in government.Now we know.

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  1. Piquerish says:

    A kakistocracy is a government by the worst people. No more perfect word exists to describe the liberal Ship of Fools who are killing this great nation as a sacrifice to their gods of depravity and power on the Foggy Bottom Altar. Without a steady hand at the tiller, rough seas do become chaotic places in a tempest, don’t they Cap’n Obama?

  2. strider says:

    And we’re plagued with leaders skilled mainly in blending truth and lies.

  3. Alain41 says:

    Sighhh. Bill Richardson Jr. has always been a concern for me. 1) We share the same slightly unusual middle name, Blaine, and 2) he’s a graduate of Tufts U., both liberal arts undergraduate and the graduate school Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. At least I was College of Engineering. Wikip says that he also was President of Delta Tau Delta at Tufts. I remember DTD, it was/is the nice big brick house on the main road through campus. (Mine was the ramshackle wooden red house a couple blocks down on the corner.) He wasn’t in the Obama administration because he had to withdraw his nomination in 2008 over allegations of shady business dealings. He may be Obama’s luckiest nominee. Tufts strategic diplomacy triumphs again! (Various forms of the joke about Tufts students but basically it goes like this; There are two kinds of Tufts students, those that couldn’t get into Harvard and those that couldn’t get into Harvard. (Tufts is a couple of miles from Harvard Square.))

    Our current UN Ambassador, Samantha Power, was Ms. magazine’s Woman of the Year in 2004. Primarily for her 2003 book, ‘A Problem from Hell: America in the Age of Genocide’. Then she was focused on Darfur. Haven’t heard her speak about Christian genocide in the Middle East. Her book’s thesis wasn’t wrong. How she can sell out her moral outrage for political loyalty is beyond me.

  4. Alain41 says:

    In former, and hopefully not future, trouble spots news, Incheon City, Korea (Battle of Inchon), is hosting a golf competition, The President’s Cup, between the U.S. and the non-European world starting this Thursday.

    As a reminder of the U.S. political leadup to the Battle of Inchon and the difficulty, here’s info. from wiki:

    “…MacArthur requested the use of United States Marine Corps expeditionary forces…However, the Marines at that point were still recovering from a series of severe program cutbacks instituted by the Truman administration and Secretary of Defense Louis A. Johnson….Johnson had tried to eliminate the Marines entirely and slashed Marine expeditionary forces from a World War II peak of 300,000 men to just over 27,000. Much of the Marines’ landing craft and amphibious carriers had been sold off, scrapped, or transferred…Commander Arlie G. Capps noted “We drew up a list of every natural and geographic handicap—and Incheon had’em all.”…MacArthur issued a revised plan of assault on Incheon: Plan 100-B, codenamed Operation Chromite. A briefing led by Admiral James Doyle concluded “the best that I can say is that Incheon is not impossible.”…”

  5. Piquerish says:

    Will no one get my comment of 3 days ago out of escrow? Honest, it ain’t that bad.

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