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Tammy was on ‘Happening Now’ with host Jon Scott and Alan Colmes discussing Obama’s comment that Hillary Clinton’s emails didn’t compromise national security.

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  1. Maynard says:

    Colmes is being a total weasel here, continuously wriggling away from the issue at hand to change the subject. The fundamental issues — and this is where Tammy was focused:

    1) Hillary’s personal email server was obviously a violation of the spirit and the letter of the rules and laws which were put in place to enforce record-keeping and security, and Hillary’s subsequent deletions and refusals to cooperate have been evasive to the point of obstruction of justice.

    2) It was known from the beginning that the Benghazi attack was military in nature and not a demonstration that got out of hand. Insiders knew this, because they were in contact with the people under attack as it happened. (The difference between a trained armed force and a mob is obvious.) Yet Hillary and all the other Obama people ran around shouting about a YouTube video for the next week, and they even jailed the poor schmuck who made the thing (which was as far as Obama’s promise to bring the perpetrators to justice went). There is no possible excuse for Hillary’s “mistake”; it was a lie cut from whole cloth to distract from Obama’s earlier public assertions that the terrorists had been subdued. Isn’t this obvious? Remember that the election was coming up.

    So Colmes sidesteps the hard facts and responds:

    1) Nobody cares, so it doesn’t matter.

    2) The Benghazi investigation is political. So says the political hack. Yes, the investigation is political, and that’s a distraction. But it’s also true.

  2. deaves1 says:

    There. We finally saw some eye rolls from Ms. Bruce this time.

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