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Via Free Beacon.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour eviscerated President Obama Monday over his claims to have the Islamic State contained and that his strategy overall to combat the organization is working, saying both were false.

Amanpour said that the president dismissed the idea of American leadership as slogans and that Obama was not taking into consideration the fear that the citizens of France were feeling, as well as those in the United States and the United Kingdom. She added that everyone is waiting for the worst to happen.

“He said something that was pretty incredible, according to many of the military experts here and around the world who I have spoken to, that our strategy is working. People do not believe that to be the case,’’ Amanpour said…

Amanpour took issue with Obama’s claim that IS is contained and said that it was just not true. She pointed out that IS has taken credit for the bombing of the Russian plane, the attacks in Beiruit Friday, and now the attacks in Paris, all examples of how the radical Islamic group is far from being contained.

Anderson Cooper tried to defend Obama’s comments by saying that the president was referring to geographical containment on the ground. Amanpour shot back.

“Fine, but in terms of ability they are not contained. They just slaughtered 129 people in Paris. The death toll may rise very higher because there are 352 people injured, of whom 99 are critically wounded. So the question is to have an honest conversation now about a new strategy,” Amanpour said.

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Well, Noone is the advisor that Obama listens to most. Christiane, you talk to many European politicos and elites. Why don’t you report what they say.

  2. Pat_S says:

    Geographical containment? They are in Paris! They can be anywhere.

    • TigerAim says:

      Pat_S, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking! I mean, clearly they are NOT contained if they are now killing people well beyond their usual stomping grounds in Syria & other parts of the Middle East! And, if they are in Europe, we can guarantee they here in the United States, too.

  3. strider says:

    Seemed angry that no one appreciates his esoteric approach.

  4. artro says:

    This is a man so delusional there is no possibility that he would see the truth, let alone admit it.

    The greatest threat to this nation and the Western world is living in our White House.

  5. Vintageport says:

    Christiane Ahmadinejad Amanpour trying to have it both ways…only days ago she was trying to make the case that the attacks were the work of disaffected French youth. Sorry but you can’t walk that back any further than POSUS can walk back his “refusal to speculate.”

  6. On Fox they were making the same point, on the Varney show I think. No one is taking Obama seriously any longer except his inner circle and those still drinking the Kook Aid, a quickly shrinking minority to be sure. Everyone else knows that the situation in the Middle East has gotten worse and worse until now it is completely out of control and is infecting the rest of the world. Obama will not change, adapt or learn. He is incapable of introspection or self-evaluation. Thus we are in for a wild ride for the rest of his term. The majority of the country will end up fighting the president for the remainder of his term until we have an adult in the White House come January of 2017.

    On a positive note, I think that if this goes the way we all think, the Democrats will be in for one really big landslide in the next election. The American people value their safety above party affiliation and they are not stupid, Gruber not withstanding. They will do what is right this time around I think, and that will be good for the country. Then we can get the nation back on the right track.

  7. plaisir says:

    Hey, Miss Amanpour, here’s a minute of cell phone time. Go and call someone who gives a fig what you think. You’re a day late and a (fill in your choice of currency) short. You have no credibility. And as evidenced by Anderson Cooper, the fourth estate/fifth column are still trying every way they can to legitimize and excuse this disaster of a president. They are advocates, not devil’s advocates. Journalism is in desperate need of a reformation.

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