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Why would a CNN reporter parrot John Kerry’s idiotic and unconscionable remarks?

Via Daily Caller:

A CNN reporter says that what really has shaken the people of Paris in the aftermath of the Nov. 13 terror attacks is that this time those killed by Islamist terrorists weren’t just Jews or provocative cartoonists.

Talking to CNN host Don Lemon Monday night, reporter Martin Savidge tried to convey why the people of Paris view the Nov. 13 terror attacks differently than last January’s Islamist terror attacks in Paris that targeted French cartoonists and Jews in a kosher grocery store.

“I think what really has shaken the people of Paris, they’ve grown accustom to the idea that of course the city is a target,” Savidge said from on the ground in the city of lights. “But this particular assault, aside from the sheer numbers of people that were killed or wounded, it was the neighborhoods that were struck. It was the fact that this time no one was spared. It wasn’t that a person was picked out because of their faith. It wasn’t because a person was picked out because of their jobs such as Charlie Hebdo. This was just people — any kind of person. And that has really shaken the people of Paris. This time you could not explain it away as somebody else’s threat.”….

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Mr. Savidge has a history of warped ‘neutral objective’ reporting. Last year, he supported Hamas statements that the tunnels into Israel were for military purposes because some recent attacks were against Israeli military.

    I do believe that he thinks he’s providing non-biased objective reporting, so I blame all of CNN for mindset especially Zucker. (MS also used to work at NBC with Brian Williams. That bar on telling the truth must have been easy to leap.) Here I believe that a number of Parisians do think, oh the cartoons were provocative and/or yes the Muslims hate the Jews-that’s not new, so could partially give him a break as representing Parisian thought, Except he has a history and needed to provide context. Eg, there are No Go zones that ALL Parisians accept. Yes, I can see Parisians saying, we fed (appeased) the crocodile why would it eat us? The reporting issue is, you can’t stop at that you have to go further. After reporters accepted Obama putting them in a closet, now they’re asking why do they have to stay behind a rope line. Good question. Mr. Savidge should join in.

    • Alain41 says:

      Peggy Noonan’s column this week contains the following:

      “The Charlie Hebdo massacre was in its way a story about radical Islamic antipathy to the rough Western culture of free speech. But last week’s Paris attack was different. It was about radical, violent Islam’s hatred of the West…”

  2. Piquerish says:

    Lib-Tarred-and-Feathered. Nothing to see here, folks.

  3. Maynard says:

    I don’t want to defend Kerry, because he’s a filthy traitor and his use of the word “legitimate” highlights the deranged workings of his mind. But the point that this attack lacked a (to our Western way of thinking) meaningful target is worth making. It’s our natural inclination to reach for some comprehensible logic to what other people do, even if we regard it as immoral or evil. We may condemn a bank robber, but we understand him. Our explanations may be narcissistic (“it’s about ME!”), or we may take comfort from thinking that it can’t happen to me because I can avoid being a target (“I’m not going to slander the prophet of Islam or associate with Jews”), but one way or another we’re going to make sense of the thing. Some of us knew better all along, but we understand the seductive attraction of the deception. And suddenly it’s a lot harder to cling to that bit of nonsense, and a few more people are realizing there’s an evil force at work that can’t be appeased or loved into submission. Some of these liberals are waking up a little, and that’s why we hear these odd rumblings. Will it gel into a coherent worldview, or will the Obamas of the world lull us back into complacence so that we may pass quietly into extinction? Time will tell.

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