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Ignorance/stupidity, or yet another example of leftwing Jew-hatred?

Via Honest Reporting:

Following the publication of this post and the complaints of many HonestReporting subscribers, CNN has removed the map in question and replaced it with an image of the aftermath of a Syrian airstrike in Aleppo.

While we question how the error occurred at all, nonetheless we commend CNN for taking prompt action.

* * *
As the year draws to a close, CNN Money looks ahead focusing on “Beyond ISIS: 2016’s scariest geopolitical hot spots.” Unsurprisingly, Syria and the Middle East features. But look at the map above that CNN has chosen to accompany the text.

Israel has been wiped from the map and instead replaced with “Palestina,” a Spanish or Portuguese translation of Palestine. The image was taken from Getty Images’ iStock and is not a creation of CNN’s graphics team.

Clearly, however, somebody at CNN selected this image out of all the potential images that could have been chosen to illustrate the Middle East….


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  1. midget says:

    While anti-semitism rises in the media, I can’t help but remember
    the prophecy of Isaiah 17:1 “Behold Damascus will cease from being a
    city. And it will be a ruinous heap.” They better start working on that revised

  2. Alain41 says:

    I hear careless stupidity calling.

    From wikip: “Palestina is the common Spanish or Portuguese translation of the word Palestine. It is also the common English transliteration of the Hebrew equivalent פלשתינה….Palestina (EY), English transliteration of the official Hebrew (פלשתינה (א״י in use during Mandatory Palestine, with EY meaning Eretz Yisrael”.

    More Wikip: “The Land of Israel (Hebrew: אֶרֶץ יִשְׂרָאֵל ʼÉreṣ Yiśrāʼēl, Eretz Yisrael) is one of several names for an area of indefinite geographical extension in the Southern Levant….”

    Map maker likely confused dual translation meanings of Palestina of the general area and of Palestine specifically.

    • Shifra says:

      Alain41, are you seriously considering the possibility that the “scholars” over at CNN “confused dual translation meanings of Palestina” ??

      Yes, before Israel was declared a State in 1948, the area was referred to as ‘Palestine.’

      Today, however, the use of the word ‘Palestine’ denotes a “judenfrei” area – *no* Jews.

      • Alain41 says:

        When it comes to scholarship, I make no claims on CNN. 🙂

        The image is from Getty Images. Formed in 1995, GI has some 80 million images. I have no idea when this map was added, eg, last year, 15 yrs. ago. And I think that when you’re mission was likely to add as many images as possible to compete with existing companies that your vetting was not 99% accurate. Re CNN, many companies are offering early retirement buyouts etc. to employees and losing senior knowledge and caution. Could be a formerly junior staff member now in charge who’s vetting isn’t as careful. CNN management and producers, I believe are like Obama, willful. Regular staff, I go with incompetence first. CNN leadership can not inspire excellence. We are CNN, is now a punch line. The Republic Strikes Back…

  3. Alain41 says:

    Arab – Israel partition day is Nov. 29, 1947, when UN recognized Israel and the right of Arabs to have a separate Palestine. Arabs promptly attacked Israel, lost, and here we are (after another war that Israel won). Anyway Anne Bayefsky has info/screenshots, that UN flew only Palestinian flag, no Israeli flag, to commemorate day. One screenshot is from Nov. 23, before CNN map. If CNN was coordinated with UN then it would show a map w/o Israel. Hmmm, may have been planned.

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