So, now we are supposed to be talking about the Syrian refugees at the Thanksgiving table?

Yes, Obama lectured at us again about the so-called refugees (they’re really migrants now) this time in his Thanksgiving message. He’s now officially the Troll-in-Chief.

The Hill: Obama: Syrian refugees are like pilgrims on the Mayflower

Twitter had a few things to say:

Wait… I thought we were supposed to be talking about… gun control.

Hard to keep up, with these clowns.

Via Daily Caller:

….If you have any liberal relatives or friends coming over for your Thursday feast, they’re going to relish the chance to tell everyone that the Pilgrims were refugees too — and hope that statement decimates all opposing view points.

Many left-wing publications and pundits are doing their utmost to promote this line in order to generate support for America taking in thousands of Syrian refugees….

It’s noteworthy that a group of people HuffPo has previously considered genocidal zealots can now be used as props for left-wing talking points.

If it wasn’t for the Syrian refugee debate, sites like HuffPo, Salon and others would be running their usual “Happy Genocide Day” coverage and dumping vitriol on the poor settlers who forged this nation….

….here’s five reasons why the Pilgrims were definitely not like today’s refugees.

They Were Pioneers….

They Had No Government Assistance….

Hostile Natives Were All Around….

They Created Safe Communities….

They Were Christian

The Pilgrims were devout Calvinists who came to America to create model religious communities. Today’s refugees are primarily non-Christian, as can be ascertained by the top countries of origin for settled migrants from the year 2013.

This fact only becomes an important point when considering Syrian Christians. Many groups of people around the world are persecuted for their religion and/or ethnicity — and many of them are non-Christian. In Syria, though, the most persecuted group is arguably the Christian minority. Islamist rebels — not just ISIS — single them out for retribution, punitive taxes and even death merely for the faith they practice.

But even though this is a clearly persecuted group, America has hardly taken in any out of the nearly 3,000 Syrians we have resettled so far. Less than 3 percent of the migrants accepted by the U.S. are Christian, even though they comprise 10 percent of the Syrian population and most of the rebel factions are hostile towards them….

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Thanksgiving dinner originated with celebration of Thanks with the Pilgrims inviting native Americans to feast with them. Show me one example ever of Muslims inviting Christians or Jews or Hindus…to celebrate life and coexistence.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Maynard says:

    Yes, the hypocrisy is so thick you can cut it with a knife. The libs have spent the last 50 years lecturing us how evil Christians are and Pilgrims were, and now when Muslims show up — a philosophy that is actually and presently nurturing all the evil that Christians and Pilgrims have been falsely accused of all these years (at least with respect to the modern era — there’s no denying the extent to which the indigenous people of North America were decimated (although the Spanish conquistadors made a far more thorough and effective effort than the English, and I don’t see the same level of lib hatred for the Spanish culture)) — these same libs stumble over themselves to roll out the welcome mat, while again trashing Christians and regular Americans for not rushing to do the same. The human ability to rationalize its hateful prejudices is a terrifying thing.

    But perhaps we can all rejoice at the extremely high mortality rate of the Pilgrims. Very much like the Tsarnaev brothers, who came as refugees, pocketed a fortune in government handouts, killed a lot of natives, and ultimately suffered a 50% mortality rate. Yes, the Tsarnaevs would be a great liberal analogy to the Pilgrims, if only liberals were capable of consistency.

  3. Shifra says:

    Maynard, I think I saw that movie… and spoiler alert: The butler did it 🙂

  4. strider says:

    Should run these spurts of thought by his stupidity czar before spouting off.

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