Hey, great job, Barack!

Via Daily Caller:

The damage the Obama presidency has done to Democrats in Congress and state legislatures has been widely reported on over the last 7 years, but, until Wednesday, no one had summed it up in just 140 characters (or less).


NY Post: Obama loves trolling the GOP, even if it hurts the Democrats

McClatchy: Obama’s standing among voters is hurting Democrats, poll finds

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  1. Piquerish says:

    Well, okay … it’s a fair-to-middling start, but it’s not enough. I don’t want to see the liberal Ship of Fools foundering and listing in grey choppy seas. I want to cheer as it breaks apart on rocks and shoals and sinks miserably to the bottom.

  2. Alain41 says:

    Obama doesn’t care about Democrats. He cares about establishment of a caliphate in the Middle East, huge U.S. debt to restrain U.S. power, and massive regulatory apparatus to control the people. If Democrats benefit from that, great, if not, great. Obama’s demands of Party fidelity to him might be seen as he supports the Party, but it’s just, Le Party, C’est Moi.

    I think Obama is more analogous to Julius Caesar than Nero. Caesar saw Rome’s provinces as having too much power(Rome Republic), which he concluded caused chaos, and therefore he wanted to centralize gov’t power in Rome (Rome Empire). Following his assassination, his son gained power defeating Anthony and Cleopatra, and ended up establishing the Roman Empire. Dreams of his father.

    • Alain41 says:

      With the exception that Julius Caesar was a great military commander.

      Wonder if at a fundraiser, Obama ever said; If you like your Democrat, you can keep your Democrat.

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