Finally, a moment of clarity and truth on MSNBC.

Although not quite what Maddow and Matthews had in mind.

Via BizPac Review:


Thanks to TAM Cathode Rays for alerting me that the video has been “terminated by whiny libs.”

Here’s another one:


Daily Caller: SNL Mocks MSNBC’s South Carolina Democratic Candidate Forum

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  1. Alain41 says:

    If Kathleen Matthews ends up as the Democrat nominee for Congress from Maryland, I’m sure MSNBC, esp. Chris Matthews, will complement a Republican for Congress that deserves it. Liberal bias is a myth you know, the media says so.

  2. Cathode Rays says:

    ^ Video terminated by whiny libs.

    Where’s the sunshine?

  3. Very funny. Of course not many people are watching MSLSD these days, but it’s still nice to see them get tweaked a bit.

  4. rtthorne says:

    That just gave me a thrill up my leg. Neither of those two men were none the wiser.

  5. Piquerish says:

    So, despite the signs of doom, The Madcow asserts to the Thrillboy that we, the INVADEES, must learn the language of the INVADERS … that same august language that said invaders overwhelmingly can’t even read or write THEMSELVES. Got it. Why, how libtardified of The iconic Madcow.

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